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Sea Of Thieves Technical alpha impressions

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Sea of Thieves Technical alpha experience



OK guys, so gamescom has finished and I enjoyed watching the streams and events and if any of you play PUBG and didn’t see the footage of the invitational I advise you to watch it as it was insane!


Anyway, as you may or may not know I was lucky enough to be invited onto the technical alpha for the upcoming Sea Of Thieves and I wanted to share my impressions as I know a lot of us are keen on this game.


I cant accompany this with pictures or video and I have to be careful what detail I talk about as I am bound by an NDA but I will try to cover important aspects and what I experienced.


I will try and break it down into a few sections.


During this alpha build Rare were stress testing and also testing cross platform for the first time as well as a couple of minor other bug fixes.


Invitation and Installation.


I signed up to the insider programme during E3 this year and was invited to participate during gamescom on Xbox one. Anyone is free to sign up, just head over to https://www.seaofthieves.com and sign up, this doesn't give you a guaranteed place but you do see inside info.


Installation was easy through the insider programme app as its linked to your Xbox live account and the game can start when the technical alpha opens.


Loading and matchmaking


I have participated in a few alphas, maybe is because I am a Data engineer maybe I am just lucky but this is where I expected my first snag


The game loaded instantly, no problems….Nice surprise.


Now I was solo playing my first day and didn't know what to expect so if you are on your own (crews hold 4 people) you start matchmaking so I grabbed a beer and put some TV on settling in for the dreaded alpha matchmaking, less than 1 min later I was loaded into the game and stood on a strange island with a hook hand, I almost dropped my beer, most full release games don't matchmake that fast let alone an alpha build.




So most of you have seen the videos and know what this is about so I wont go over too much again.


You start off with a random map in your inventory and from there you have to figure out what island to go to, you island hop a couple of times and eventually get a riddle to solve which leads you to treasure of varying quality.


While you are doing this you have to watch out for other ships and crews and there was much nautical talk and sea shanty singing, there were some very tense moments defending out hard won booty from other crews, patching up holes and bailing out as well as stealing others loot, there were a lot of genuine laughs and I can honestly say I had a lot of fun and made some new friends, even though I went all lord Nelson with a Yankee crew ;)




Now i'm not going to say there were no bugs or issues, of course there were this was an alpha build but all I really experienced was a slight frame rate drop when I lord Nelson’ed us into a fight with 3 ships gleefully shouting FOR KING, COUNTRY AND THE SERVICE only to be obliterated 20 seconds later by 2 broadsides, yeah OK I got carried away…..


There was also an issue with a couple of opponents papering to teleport but I don't think this was the game itself.


For an alpha build, I would expect disconnections, lag, glitches drop outs, I had worse when Destiny first launched and I kept getting kicked with stupid chipmunk error messages, not once here.


There was also some issues with trolls and griefers but Rare seem to be taking this seriously and banning them from future Alpha participation.


Who Is This For?


This is a great game for what I like, it doesn't take itself seriously, its meant to put a smile on your face and give you and some friends something to have a good laugh about and it excels at that, every time I played there were laughs and funny moments.


If you prefer hardcore competitive gameplay, or simulation this may not be for you, there are SIM elements (I wont spoil them for you) but this is not a simulation game, its about having a laugh and fun with your friends.


If you are the shy and retiring type, don't have or don't like talking on a mic, this may not be for you either as communication is key to fulfilling objectives and working well together as a crew but it also makes for a more fun experience.




This build and my experience gives me great hope for this game, the things Rare are talking about implementing will flesh out this game and has the potential to make Rare great again and stop them going the way of Lionhead of Fable fame.


There is so much potential and Rare are listening and actively seeking feedback and suggestions which is refreshing and I am really looking forward to what they do next.


If I hear drunken sailor played on an accordion one more time I think i'm gonna burst a blood vessel.


So this concludes my experience, I hope you enjoyed it, if there is something you want to know that I haven't covered please ask and if I can answer I will do.



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Very happy to hear that this is looking so promising. Really liking the idea of a multiplayer that's basically a laugh. People play thier Battlefield's, COD's, MMO's, CS:GO's and such with rather serrious expressions on thier faces. Nice to see a game whare one can grin like moron for a change.

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2 minutes ago, Shagger said:

Very happy to hear that this is looking so promising. Really liking the idea of a multiplayer that's basically a laugh. People play thier Battlefield's, COD's, MMO's, CS:GO's and such with rather serrious expressions on thier faces. Nice to see a game whare one can grin like moron for a change.

This is one of the things I most liked about it, this is a drink run (pirate game so must be rum) grab some mates and have a laugh, I cant say what Rare are talking about implementing but go sign up and you will see.

For an alpha, the way it ran really impressed me and for an alpha there were some great graphical effects with the ocean and the day/night cycle

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