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Absolver review. Dark Souls + God Hand + For Honor. But unfortunately unfinished.

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This game's story is...... you know what? I have no fucking idea. Other than the fact that this world's setting Adal seems to be after an apocalypse happened, and you're tasked to fight several bosses before going up a tower to fight the final boss and become an "Absolver". Afterwards the game just ends and tells you to "go back and level up dear Absolver, we will call you when we need you"



and then end credits.........


Are you shitting me man?? What is this "Absolver" in this game? What is my purpose? Am I a Neo esque kung fu guardian of the world that fights evil? Am I supposed to lead the world into a new age of man? The game explains nothing! Explain game, EXPLAIN!!


So gameplay and exploration wise it's pretty much what happens when you make Dark Souls forgivable, as in if you die you don't have to collect your lost soul since you can just upgrade your skills whenever you want, but enemies will respawn afterwards. With combat mechanic of For Honor but change it so that you can block when you hold the block button and there's 4 stances which creates different attacks, mixed with the "choose your attacks" like God Hand. If you don't know what God Hand is, well..... this here will explain it

It's a crazy game.


Combat is actually really sweet. Fighting every single enemies feels challenging and fun since every single one of them are martial art masters, and you can't simply button mash because they will make you pay if you're not careful. Instead you have to dodge and block enemy attacks to break through their defenses and whoop their ass afterwards.


Getting new moves to use is quite interesting. You don't get new moves through leveling up or buying the moves, oho no, you have to let an enemy attack you, and then either block or evade their attacks. A circle for each new moves will fill up, and when it maxed out, you'll acquire that move. It took me 1 hour until I figure this out, and afterwards, I just let enemies attack me while I block and evade their attacks. Odd way to earn move list but it'll do. And you can pretty much customize your move list however you want. Whatever the moves are is only limited by your own imagination! And the available move list of course. You can also get new moves by going to certain martial arts masters in the game, which is basically this game's version of Dark Souls' covenants, but the moves you get are predetermined and can't be changed. So if you go to a drunken master teacher, you'll get the drunken master moveset, and so on. 


Unfortunately for this game, that cannot save what I think is a waste of potential. This game is like if Dark Souls only have 1/4 of the map, few spells, the only weapons you can use are brass knuckles and swords, very minimum lore or information, and every single enemy, including the bosses, are all npcs + invaders. You can beat this entire game in 5 hours, but that's if you screw around and try to look for collectibles. I bet if you just blaze through this game, you'll beat it in 4 HOURS!


And I mean it when I say that every single enemy is like fighting an npc or invader. It's not like For Honor where there's variety of enemy classes, nonono, every single enemy you fight are all the same class, though they have different move lists. If you don't mind fighting against human enemies with different move lists from beginning till the end, then you'll be fine. And there will be future contents added in to make the game more robust and content rich! But it still doesn't change the fact that at this moment, this game is only a bare minimum of what it's fully capable of, and that is such a damn shame. 


Oh, and multiplayer? The game's main feature where it's more fun playing with other players because it's seamlessly integrated? AHAHAHAHAHA! I can't even touch this shit. It's fucking broken at the moment, at least for us in Australia from what I understand. Like..... I try to hit an enemy, and a bunch of issues happen, like the enemy not reacting to the hit, 2 second delay before an enemy got hit, or when I do hit an enemy, the enemy do this:

Funny as hell, but really freaking frustrating. So I have to play the game in offline mode. But the game's 1 vs 1 PVP battle mode thankfully works! And 80% of the time, I got good matches with people where there is no connection issue. The other 20%, it's just like the above showed you. 


So I definitely will say this about this game: it's fun as hell. The fighting and basic gameplay is solid, and I have fun fighting a bunch of enemies with my martial arts prowess. However, it's so not worth the price right now. $30 for a game that's incomplete at its current state is just too much. It's like I'm playing an Early Access Game! This should have more content and a more coherent story that actually explains what is going on in this game world because it does look like it has a good backstory to it, but alas, we'll have to wait for future contents.


I give this game my rating of "don't buy this game now, but wait for it to drop to $15, AND with many more contents added in to it." It's like Destiny all over again! I sure do hope that this game will have a load of free dlcs and in 1 year time, the game will have 10+ hours worth of content, with many surprises included!

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Nice review, thanks for sharing.


I had expressed trepidations about this and it seems to have been justified. Ill wait and seeon this one, in the mean time ill probably buy Life is Strange: Before the Storm and finish Hellblade first.

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I had ton of fun in absolvere btu its suppers the same problems For honor had, if you are not a lightning fast style, you will lose to 1 pich machines who can attack faster tha you can block and there isnt relly anything to do exceptr 1 v 1 dues and against mush more experienced players, not much incetive to keep playing when you get pummelled time ater time after time

will look again after new content is released but i dont recoment buysing ths.. I really had such hight hopes. well i am picking up destiny soon so maybe that will crush what little will i have left kik

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On 9/16/2017 at 11:20 AM, DestinyDecade said:

Good review Kaz.

Thanks man!

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