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Creation Club

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I just want to make this post about the Creation Club. 

I don't want to just bash just bash it, although we all know that its bad, but to warn all pc users that updated changes the .exe file for Fallout 4 basically making the scrip extender useless not only that it forces a 2.1 GB patch that doesn't fix anything just downloads all mod you have to pay for on your system.

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I'm just going to leave this here. Oh and also the Creation Club is BS and currently any mod on their can be found pretty much on the Nexus, in better quality if on PC. Unfortunately consoles are kind of SOL:


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I'm less concerned about Fallout 4 and skyrim.

What worries me is their future games, I have always had a soft spot for elder scrolls as it was the first RPG I played (other than text adventures on commodore 64, you young uns go google that) and the ability to add something here or there on the second + play through is one of the reasons  skyrim is still being sold and played now

This decision made no sense to my when it was announced and makes even less sense now it out in all its shit skin glory 

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