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Mobile Game Recommendations

11 posts in this topic

Now hold on! Don't laugh! Let me explain.


At my current job position, I'm spending a more than significant amount of time sitting on my rear cushion doing nothing and I'm starting to suspect that *click* that it's *click* slowly driving me *click* mad *click*.


I do have a convient place to charge my phone and/or tablet, so I thought a mobile game that's worth a damb might be a good idea, but the mobile market is so overflowing with diced bollocks that it makes Steam's store look like a Gordon Ramsey menu. Besides, I think it's a good idea anyway to find the pearls in this sea of mucus.


So for my sanity and that of anyone else in a similar, desperate circumstance, I call on the AJSA to find games on mobile that are fun, won't make you bankrupt and won't send one to a therapy group. A tall order, I know, but I believe in you.


Games can be free-to-play or pay-to-play, just so long as they aren't like a gangster demanding cash or they'll cut you. Any genre is fine as well.

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Games from Beamdog: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Beamdog

Nethack. I don't know which version in Google Play is good one so I can't give any specific recommendation.

Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. Same with this, can't recommend any specific package in Google Play.

Nethack and DCSP has source code available so you are able to build your own versions. I have both installed on my Jolla and they works great.

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Welcome to my world at work. Don't worry, you'll get used to it. :D


Here's the games that I played, which I will categorize. I personally love them and they're good, even some of them surprisingly good, plus they're not soulless time wasters like most games on the iPhone so you don't have to worry about them sucking



Counter of Death

Jetpack Joyride


Punch Quest

Strike Force Heroes: Extraction

One Finger Death Punch

Evil Factory

Sky Force Reloaded

Looty Dungeon



The entire Sorcery! series from 1 - 4


Joe Dever's Lone Wolf

The Phoenix Wright games, unless you have them on Nintendo 3DS or DS already

Thomas Was Alone

A Dark Room


Beat Da Beat


Hopefully these games will help thee out filling those many hours of nothingness. 

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I don't usually game on my mobile, but I've got a few plays.

  • Crossy Road
  • Street Fighter II Collection
  • Zip--Zap
  • Linelight

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Over the course of a couple months I discovered some very awesome mobile games I just wanted to share a few and give the reasoning why love these...  

1. Noblemen 1886: this is a mix of an ultimate epic battle simulator, a 3rd person shooter, and a game of war. Set in a parallel 1886 were the black death takes over the majority of the U.S. And the uninfected left to fight a war, this game provides the need for strategic thinking and puts you in the shoes of a military general with the job of taking land and fighting other generals. I also enjoyed the pretty fleshed out game play and the other "noblemen", OH MY GOD! These guys will piss you off!! I found myself learning their names and plotting their deaths and god....screaming at their victories! I do have some gripes though; the game has a very repetitive story and you will  find yourself doing the same thing over and over, the game seems do seem to require very little strategy and any use of strategy seems to be punishing. I definitely would check noblemen 1886 out if you haven't already.

2.Walking dead "no mans land": I love this turn based strategy game, even if it seems like a blatant rip off of a good TV series. Walking dead's mobile game includes little micro transactions and most of it stuff you can do without, it brings Iconic characters from the TV show and also contains the famous weapons that these characters are known for. I myself first day had acquired Daryl Dixon and Negan, not only that I obtained Daryl's crossbow! My only few gripes is I feel the game has many repetitions and the story really stays the same, the micro transactions that are there cost way too much! I recommend this to fans of the TV series and people who are interested in the TV series.

3. Minidayz: Ok I admit this is my fanboy side but I love this game! The games premise is survive, survive, survive...you have nothing else to worry about except reach the next day, collect loot and survive the challenging zombies, bandits, and as you know...our fellow players....this game has absolutely NO micro transactions and boasts a wide variety of things to do in this tiny zombie game! Yes I know another zombie game! But I feel it was made by people know how to make a ligament zombie game...if you are a fan of the DayZ series or interested in entering the series...I would also recommend this to zombie survival enthusiasts and people looking for a simple yet challenging game!

These are my top 3 that I play almost daily but it would also help to note these games; world at arms, Vendetta Online (VO, specifically the IOS variant), Clash royale, and Clash of clans. If any of you wanted to know I am rating these on 3 factors; the first is the amount and how the game is affected by micro transactions, the second is the gameplay and how good it is, the gameplay is half of the game in my opinion, the third final and most important...how much is there, the game could be the best you ever played and have 2 missions and that RUINS it! This was originally meant to be it's own thread, so that's why its so long!!


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Sorry that I can't help with advice, but I'm just curious if you don't mind indulging me. But what's wrong with using a 3ds or psvita, or a switch I guess? I'm guessing that you don't want to whip out an object that is strictly a game device while your'e working because it will look unprofessional or something while a phone you can kinda get away with but I dunno for certain.


I personally have the same reason but my 'sit around and do nothing' time for my job is not really high. It happens on occasion but not terribly often. Normally when my boss' boss calls my boss to a surprise meeting juuust as I happen to finish  all my paperwork and tasks. My job isn't something where I can 'find' something else to do either since it involves lots of confidential information so taking the initiative to do something else without permission is bad.

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