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The Evil Within 2 review. SOOOO much better than the first game, and a really good game by itself.

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You know what's funny? This game is released on Friday the 13th, and yet this year, the Friday the 13th game was released on 26 May. Me think that game should be released now as supposed to when it's in an incomplete state! 


Anyway, Evil Within 2. The sequel that was announced this year in E3 out of nowhere by Bethesda. I have finished the game, completed almost every single side quests & got all the collectibles except the hidden locker keys and past Bethesda games easter eggs, all taking 18 hours to do. And I can safely say this:


This game..... is fucking awesome. And definitely one of my top 10 best game of 2017. Holy shiet I freaking love this game.


I'm playing the game on PC, and it's WAY better performed here than the first game. No more sudden fps drops and inconsistent frame rate. And no more of those dumbass black screen on the top and bottom.


It's all normal from here!


Oh wait.......


well...... it's a good thing they make it an easter egg!


The story is also much3 better. In the first game, you're just thrown into the game without any idea of what the hell just happened until 8 hours into the game where it's finally explained to you, which is bullshit. In this game, everything is explained to you right away. Which is the right move.


So the game takes place 3 years after the event of the first game. Sebastian Cast... Castla... Castellanos, man that's a tounge twister, was heavily damaged after all that shit he went through in the first game, rightly so. I mean in the first game, not only was he forcefully wired into a Saw version of the Matrix and have to fight hordes of zombies + fucked up shits just to get out, but before those things even happened his daughter died in a fire accident and his wife went missing. Anyone would get damaged after all that!


Well anyway, he spent 3 years trying to find answers of what the hell happened back then, and of course he spent those time drinking and getting wasted. Then one day, his old partner Juli Kidman, who's more like this game's version of Ada Wong, explained to him that his daughter is actually still alive, and all this time she's been used by this organization called MOBIUS. What was she used for? Well, turns out this MOBIUS organization is sort of like the Institute from Fallout 4. They want to create a society that's peaceful and everyone is hunky dory. Only instead of creating a lot of very humanlike androids, they use STEM, or this game's version of the Matrix instead. And they don't want to use an AI to control the Matrix since AIs eventually will rebel and will takeover the world, good thinking, so they use Sebastian's daughter instead since a child's mind is innocent without negative influences, and will therefore make for a good core for the system..... that's just cruel man.


But something went wrong with her, and the matrix system starts to fall apart. So before the system gets completely destroyed through prolonged meltdown, they need Sebastian to come in and save her, along with a couple of MOBIUS operatives that he can find, so the system gets restored. And then the game begins. Phew, that's a lot of explaining, but you'll need it before going in!


And I gotta say, I was expecting the story to go silly from how sporadic and all over the place the previous game was. But instead, this game's story is surprisingly really good. Because now instead of you trying to figure out some psycho's backstory, you actually explore your main character's dark past, and then overcoming every obstacle thrown into you to be free from the burden of never being able to let go of regrets in his life. And it feels really good when you do it in the game too. I was having such a good time with the plot, that I actually say "YEEEEAAAHHHHH! You go Sebastian! Show those bitches you mean business!", plus I teared up a couple of times too during the surprisingly mellow and sad parts of the game. So writers, well done mate! 


About the gameplay itself. If you expect going into this game that it's going to very much be like the first game, aka linear and all over the place with a lot of stealth like the Last of Us, you'll be half right. Because this game has switched from linear straightforward gameplay, to open world. Yes, you read right, open world gameplay. Even I didn't see that coming. Because the game takes place in a simulation created by MOBIUS which looks like a peaceful USA suburb called the Union. Which unfortunately got messed up and almost everyone turned into zombies, but hey, it's the thought that count.


But how's this open world? Is it filled with a lot of empty places and the side contents are just there because they're there like the Assassin's Creed games, or are the side contents actually fun to play and filled with a lot of cool shit? Thankfully it's the latter. You got a lot of buildings to visit, and even save houses which has coffees that restore you to full health, so you don't have to worry about using your medkits anymore. Need a good health restore? Just go and drink a coffee at your save house.


Speaking of side contents, there's a lot of cool stuff in them. It's like the game takes notes from Witcher 3, and make it fucked up, in a great way. You got stuff like "use your radio to discover a location" which will give you a flashback sequence of what happened in that area alongside cool useful rewards, a few side quests with characters you meet along the way, cheeky collectibles that references past Bethesda games which includes DOOM 


and Quake


and there's even a sidequest which takes you back to the locations of the first game while having you avoid this..... creepy ass Sadako giant woman.


This woman will even turn up in the open world whenever she likes, and if she touches you, she'll one hit kill you. I recommend running the hell away when you see her.


Oh yes, and the game even have RE4's shooting gallery. Just to remind you who the producer of the game is. Cheeky dev team.



The game's combat is also significantly better than the first game, even though Sebastian is still not good at straight up melee fight unless he has an axe with him. They completely remove the need to burn an enemy corpse, which thankfully they did because that mechanic was a complete waste if you can just headshot and stealth kill enemies and kill them that way. It's still as stealth heavy as the first game, which means yes, you can still throw bottles on an enemy's head to stun and kill them easily

and you are still required to conserve ammo anyway you can because ammos are quite scarce here. But the game does add a crafting system which lets you craft ammos + healing items as long you have collected the materials required to create them, like gunpowders and herbs. 


I see what you did there. Which means yes, the game has become even more like the Last of Us, and I love it.


The upgrade system from the first game is back, and it's back with a vengeance. Now you can't use your green goo to upgrade your weapons, but instead you have to grab weapon parts in the world, just like Last of Us all over again. The green goo does upgrade your attributes like the first game though. But this time not only does it give you benefits like "increase health" or "increase stamina", but it also gives you special abilities, which is very useful for your survival. With enough upgrades, especially the stealth upgrade, you are able to do stuff like "stealth kill an enemy while you're hiding in a cover" as demonstrated right here

or my favorite, "sprint and then stab an enemy in the head" ability. Because with this ability, you can just sprint straight up at your enemy when the crosshair turns red, getting rid of the need to crouch slowly to creep up on an enemy.


For those that are worried that this game will be more action heavy than the first game, fear not. It's even more fucked up than the first game, with more Saw brutality and messed up looking enemies that I can't spoil. You just have to go in, expect a lot of shifts in your surroundings, and prepare to run a lot, because they are out for your blood. Luckily not a lot of them have instant 1 hit kill attacks like the first game.


The only thing I don't like about this game is simply the music choices, which the first game also do. Almost every single song in the game, even during battles, are the same violin horror style soundtrack that's more fitting for the, ahem, Friday the 13th game. Which feels weird because there's a lot of cool combat heavy section of the game, and instead of the music being like this during the action:

it instead has this:

Like.... why?


Which is jarring when all of a sudden in the near end of the game, this epic song turns up during an equally epic battle.

It's like WHOA! Where were you during that previous epic battle??


But that is just a nitpick of mine. Outside of that, this game is fucking awesome. An improvement over the first game in every single way possible. It also ends really well, without a stupid cliffhanger like so many second games in a series do! Hallelujah for that! It seems like this is the year of the "2nd game in the series that's even better than the first game, but also end satisfyingly without needing to do cliffhangers like Halo 2" for games. I love this game so much, that I'm actually going to replay the game in new game + with all of my newly acquired weapons + upgrades. And so I will definitely give this game my rating of "so awesome that you will play this game again and again." With a badass seal of approval.



Definitely get this game, especially if you're a fan of the first game, or just want a good game in preparation for Halloween. Or hell, if you just want to play a good game. Just be prepared to sneak around a lot of creepy ass looking enemies and unleash your inner MGS master within you.

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I've been seeing a lot of people really enjoying this, with a few saying it is one of if not the best games they have played this year.

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On 10/16/2017 at 9:28 PM, Legolas_Katarn said:

I've been seeing a lot of people really enjoying this, with a few saying it is one of if not the best games they have played this year.

That is a very well deserved praise, considering that this game addresses the issues and improves on the original game in every single way possible. The common complaints I see from people is that Sebastian is more talkative and jaded in this game than he was before, but that's just personal preference. I totally get why he's more talkative in this game, considering the crap he went through in the first game, so I don't have an issue with it.

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