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AJSA Valkyrie

Why I don’t like destiny 2’s multiplayer.

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I’m mostly a PVE player in destiny 2, as I prefer doing Strikes, public events and more then the crucible. It just feel like destiny never had a good PVP. It was like that since destiny 1. But lately, destiny 2’s PVP was just awful. It’s plauged with maps that, while good looking, were designed poorly, unbalanced weapons to the max, with MIDA tools and Uriel’s gift everywhere, and really annoying time to kill. This is just my thoughts. Yours might be different, and I respect that. What are your opinions.

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I played during one of the betas; I thought the PvP was fun. The one PvE mission they had available was garbage in my opinion, so I had spent the majority of my time in the beta playing PvP. While I enjoyed it, there were definitely a lot of unbalanced weapons. I felt the map they had was terrible to play on, but it was nice to look at. 

I'm gonna have to wait until release to get a full idea of it, of course. Hopefully they flesh it out and do their best to balance those weapons. 

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Well I felt that bungie was too lazy on balancing PVP because they take way too long on addressing that it’s not balanced and how people only use 1 or 2 weapons. If you like it’s PVP, good for you but I hate it because of how boring, unbalanced and tedious it is and will be.

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