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The Last of Us Part 2: PGW 2017 Trailer: Analysis

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PlayStation just released a new trailer for The Last of us Part 2 at Paris games week and well...I don't think it's quite what any of us were expecting:



Well I can't say I know for I know for sure what is going on but I have a theory.  The woman in the Last of Us Part 2 trailer is Ellie's mother who is a soldier in the military.  She and Ellie look similar and that woman with knife held it to her womb saying "They are nested with sin".  I also believe that the two that rescue her are members of the Fireflies supported by the "Clip her wings" instruction before they start breaking the girl's arms which would be an appropriate insult.


I think these villeins are some religious cult that know she is pregnant and the child she is carrying will have an immunity to Cordyceps due to her being the subject of some government science experiment that they consider to be "unnatural".  This was would also explain why the guy was hesitant to cut her down because the Fireflies and government are fighting. This was later covered up by Ellie's family and the Fireflies to stop this cult from finding her with her mother being killed in the process.  Also the cultist woman said "they" when pointing the knife at her mother's womb points to the possibility that Ellie may in fact be a twin or triplet which could come into play.


If we look back at the first Trailer:



I think Ellie found out something about the cult and/or her origins and was seeking the Fireflies out to get some answers and it was the cult that attacked the Fireflies at the location where they are now.  She puts enough of the story together and swears "I'm gonna find, and I'm gonna kill, every last one of them".


What are your thoughts?

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That's a better theory than I could come up with. Without a doubt that trailer left a lot of questions with no answers. Still amped for this game either way.


EHIT: Yong Yea had put ip his own annalysis and he's pretty much in agreement,



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Found it pretty dull as far as trailers go, with focus on the cartoonishly incompetent cliche violence apocalyptic setting are known for which was the least interesting element of the previous game. Even the prevailing theories don't seem interesting. Some kind of cult as the enemies, that's just another dull apocalypse cliche. The woman is Ellie's mother, Ellie using her knife never made me that interested in learning more about or meeting her mom, also the whole Daddy/Mommy obsession the industry has been going through now that developers are older and have their own kids is also starting to get old.

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Here is the Last of Us Part II Panel at PSX 2017:



To be honest we didn't really find out much that we didn't already know or at the very least suspect.  The host Hannah Heart does try to fish out some clues but Neil Druckmann is still keeping his cards very much close to his chest.  We got some information about Yara and Lev including confirmation that they are siblings and aged 16 and 13 respectively (a bit younger than I thought), conformation since Reddit already figured it out that the bulk of the game is set in Seattle Washington and a hint of pregnancy who I could assume is in reference to the "The Gun Show" who we all assume to be Ellie's mother Anna.


That's not to say it wasn't an interesting panel.  It opens with a cover of Johnny Cash's Wayfaring Stranger by Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker and there is one particularly hilarious stab at a certain controversial gaming topic from Troy Baker towards the end (46:38).  For now they have confirmed we can expect to see more at E3 2018.

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