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The Micro-transaction Plague

5 posts in this topic

in a topic I am sure have been discussed. I think it is time to rally against the disease that is Micro-transactions. Some People may say that the game industry is able to keep game costs down because of Micro-transactions. I was shown a chart that supposedly says so. But think of this we Gamers already pay quite a bit for our games and it builds up fast. standard edition of several triple A games cost roughly sixty dollars. Then there is the silver or special edition of the game which is seventy to eighty dollars. finally there is gold or collectors edition which costs in the hundreds of dollars. we pay this ludicrous amount just to play their game. Does this satisfy their greedy wallets no they go farther by having the gall to demand more from us. in the form of in game content pay walls. Sure they don't wall off entire levels but how much longer before they do? how much longer before they close off entire levels, and make us pay a certain amount of money to unlock the next level? well one thing is for sure I will be fighting tooth and nail to not give them the chance. so in a sense you corporate ass kissers take your Micro-transactions and walk into an angry alligator den 

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Speaking of walls,  if you noticed in the game: South Park fractured but whole,  not only you can’t access past the Canadian wall, but the guy sitting on the wall clearly says:  “maybe in the form of a dlc ,  until then F off”.  


Also during game play one of your major powers that allow you to shift day:night was accessible ONLY during mission play, but is now grey’d out after you beat the game!


But hey   We can fork $29.99 for content we already had access to.   Ummm   Wtf?


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I made a comment about shadow of war being, Shadow of micro-transactions.
That's all I put, nothing else just SHADOW OF MICROTRANSACTIONS.
Last time I checked the attack on my comment was bout three people, one calling me a whiney twat.

Trying to figure out why you can't put anything on the internet without getting attacked is tiresome.

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On 11/13/2017 at 7:27 AM, biggboss095 said:

Trying to figure out why you can't put anything on the internet without getting attacked is tiresome.

Yeah, these days you got to get some thick skin before going out there with an opinion. I’m actually happy to see that this toxic micro transaction trend is finally met with some anger from people. I usually can’t be arsed to go into detail why a certain company is exploiting their customers if the person in question is a fanboy. Your wallet is your most powerful tool to do this. Personally I am actively boycotting companies who I find exploit their customers in different ways. Whether it be rushing the game or inputting pay-to win mechanics into a 60+ dollar game. 

Companies I currently boycott and have been doing for years are EA, Ubisoft and BioWare.

I also next to never pre-order games. And I would advise anyone else reading this to so the same. It is the pre-order that makes companies rush out games for a quick cash grab. Only to Make their game extinct a few months later with bad decisions. 

It is us gamers who shape the sort of games in the future we want to be around. I’m for an example fine with paying full price for a game or even a more expensive deluxe edition if I know the game is going to be fair and not exploitive. A fair system where I actually progress just by playing the game (not forking over IRL cash). For me if micro transactions are even in a game they should only offer cosmetics, That’s it. It also makes you value your progression more and respect others who made it further than you. You know they didn’t just pick up their creditcard and pay their way to the top. It ruins the purpose of even playing the game in the first place. 

With the Battlefront 2 controversy I’d say we still have a long way to go before gaming is fixed. But at least most of us are on the right path. 

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All I know is if this shit with micro trans is getting really old fast. I can leave to take a piss without Shadow of War shitting out ads. 

Fuck WB.

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