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COD WW2. What do you think about it?

4 posts in this topic

My first thought about the campaign: 

Well, the QTE from COD3 is back, with a "move the pointer to the spot to succeed in QTE" put in. Wait....... didn't Medal Of Honor Allied Assault do this already?

And my other thought afterwards is "wait.... didn't Call of Duty 2 do this already too?"


Yeah, you can't have a WW2 game without Normandy. That's a staple right there for the time.


Other than that, it's nice that COD comes back to WW2 and it uses health pickups, plus squad assists to help you out. Though in the end it's still the same exact game as before, except you don't have the advantage of a special suit with you.


As for the multiplayer and zombie mode, I like that the multiplayer added the Rush mode from Battlefield into it, aka War mode, though of course it's in a much smaller scale here. I played the game's beta and I like this mode. Zombie mode is the usual zombie mode, but with the 10th Doctor and Luther from Mission Impossible in it!


Not gonna buy this game. I'm just gonna see the entire game on youtube since I won't miss anything. :P 

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It had at me hello when they dropped all the future crap and went back to it's roots. It's the CoD that got me addicted way back during Modern Warfare with it's multiplayer. I've skipped out on 3 iterations of garbage as they tried to mimic TitanFall more and more and 4 iterations if you count I couldn't really get into Blops 3 even though I bought it.


I think it's hilarious they tried to make it more "social" with the Headquarters and viewing other players, I haven't even seen a way to access that (probably because I'm not really looking) and don't intend to even if I did find it. Not sure when I'll start the campaign if I even decide to, I play CoD for blissful mindless shooting. Battlefield 1 looks amazing but WW1 setting wore thin and with Battlefront 2 on my shit list it's going to be CoD for quite awhile.


Zombies on the other hand also went and made a comeback, Blops and WaW were superior in my opinion but this new one murders the rest between Blops and WW2. I think it was Blops 2 that was awkward and had the worst sounds. My only gripe is it's much easier this time around with all the Blitz and special abilities on top of much more wide open areas to maneuver through zombies even when they're rushing you. In Blops Kino map there was the stage where you can dance around if you kept the side door closed and that was about it so maps have gotten much bigger since then. It doesn't start getting to be a challenge until around Round 24 or so.


Keep in mind this is just a brief rundown while I'm on lunch at work after 2 days of playing. 

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I had considered maybe jumping back on board on this one for the campaign stuff, but I've heard that aside from some interesting French resistance espionage stuff that it's actually not that great.  Maybe when on sale for dirt cheap in maybe a year or two but certainly not right now at anything close to full price.

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CoD games were great about 10 years ago - now the`re very sad and boring. They are absolutely the same every year!
But I know about Landing in Normandy only thanks for CoD so...Sometimes games can teach us something - even CoD)

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