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is destiny 2 worth it

6 posts in this topic

fps are my favourite genre and i like sci-fi and  grind sometimes.What do you think?

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I like it, I feel like the core of the game is fine but its lacking some content.

But as long as the core is great which it is, the content will come, I love it as a game I can play whenever the content comes and play something else when the content is all done and waiting for the next batch.

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We have been having quite a few people playing it together in the Discord room.

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I haven't played it yet but it looks to me like it's definitely worth it if you enjoyed destiny 1 and you really wish you could play it on a pc.

If you didn't try destiny 1 BECAUSE you can't play it on pc... Well let's just say I enjoyed 1 more than I ever though I'd enjoy an fps on a console. I mean I love my consoles but I would never play a fps game on a console if I ever had the choice.


I think my pc is too old for 2 though qq. Upgrading hurts right now too cuz the price of pc components is sky high atm cuz of stupid e-currency data mining or whatever its called. grr.

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IMO, no it isn't. Yes I enjoyed Destiny to a degree, perhaps even more than just a degree since I still go back from time to time, and while Destiny 2 improves on Year One Destiny design and ideas, the fundamental upgrades that Destiny gained throughout the last three years of support are absent. The story while better is still mediocre at best compared to many stories from other games out on the market. Then the fact that things players asked for are not there and instead of just been wiped (primarily I mean the grimore. All that lore that we wanted to be in game instead of on a website, just gone. Luckily fans have placed sites up with all that information and details up like the ishtarcollective but Bungie couldn't have the heart to put in game liked desired).

In the long run of things it just doesn't have the same addiction to it. As much as I HATED grinding for a weapon in Destiny, looking for that god role for a gun or piece of armor, the lack of grinding in Destiny 2 and static rolls all weapons and armor have kills the replay value. I have everything I want with little effort really on my titan. Instead of trying to find a balance for that grind they removed it entirely to streamline it. Grinding can be fun if done right but Bungie seems to of just taken the easy route and removed it. The PvP aspect, while I enjoy the 4v4 aspect of it, lacks any need of skill. Now it just is a teamshot mode. That and weapon balance still seems to be Bungie's Achilles heel with Scout Rifles currently being the meta, especially the Midamulti Tool with a few god autorifles that tear through health. Then the fact that the multiplayer mode is a grab-bag mess. If I want to Control, I don't want to have to slog through Supremacy and Clash. Or that I can't choose specific strikes that I might want to do, instead I'm forced to go to the playlist. They removed the idea of choices to just being playlists that leave me scratching my head on why?

Ultimately, again IMO, Destiny 2 should of just been another expansion instead of a separate game. It takes a step forward and then stumbles backwards several steps. I would say wait until they release an edition that includes all the future expansions like they have done with Destiny because it isn't worth shelling out over a hundred dollars for Destiny 2 to get everything.

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I am inclined to agree with the above.
Coming from someone who was there at the start for the first game and who played all the way through to the Taken King expansion, there are glaring problems with this franchise in general that have yet to be actually addressed or even acknowledged by the companies involved.

"Identity Crisis"- Simply put, even from the beginning this series has had a hard time trying to decide what exactly it wants to be. And everyone you speak to about it will all have their own answer to said question. And often what ends up happening is that the game's vague identity makes for a whole host of convenient buzz word rebuttals to anyone posing legitimate issues or concerns with the game. For example, the non-existent Player Progression. The fact that the game itself is 90% designed to revolve around the player spending the vast majority of their time replaying the same content over and over again in an agonizing grind and fight against the game's RNG Loot to acquire Legendary and Exotic items. And then the instant something "new" gets released, all of that time and effort spent grinding is thrown out the window at the drop of a hat as suddenly all of your weapons and armor are rendered obsolete whether or not the newer gear is even actually any good. (You'll always go for what offers the higher damage/armor rating, eliminating any notion of actual freedom of choice in how you want to build your character)

A common argument will usually consist of "well that's how they do it in an MMO" which is such a disingenuous response.
First, Destiny is not an MMO. The most someone could possibly get away with calling it is MMO Lite. Because there is certainly nothing at all "massive" about it.
Second, not EVERY game calling itself an MMO does that.
Third, the entire notion itself absolutely kills any justifiable reasoning for playing Destiny beyond beating the main story content which, from personal experience and from what I've seen of others, ranges anywhere between 7-8 hours of playtime for anyone decent at shooters. The same is true for the Raids. Let us assume someone buys Destiny 2 for instance. Beat the main story and then step away until the next DLC is released. Within minutes you'll get weapons and armor dropping from basic enemies that will give you the necessary stats to run that Raid, with the added bonus of having completely bypassed the grind.

Meanwhile, recently I finally caved in and decided to start playing Borderlands 2.
Holy crap... Its like Night and Day between the two. I have yet to beat the game's main story and already I've seen boss innovation, epic level design, vehicle combat that actually encourages having friends on to ride along with you like back in the good o' days of Halo with the Warthog, a literal wealth of different and unique weapons, an AMAZING story with enjoyable characters, actual variation between the different classes to choose from, an actual reason to explore the map and finding all kinds of tucked away loot damn near everywhere...

At this point I've been left wondering to myself if Destiny was trying to more emulate Borderlands 2 or a weird mix between that and Warframe. (Since I recall hearing that Warframe was in fact a source of inspiration for Destiny) But in both regards, even with both highly successful games being readily available for easy research, Destiny failed on both fronts in trying to do what these other games had already accomplished.

Argetlahm already brought up the points regarding the gutting of the grimoire, and honestly it didn't ever really reflect on anything experienced in the game anyways. And I read the hell out of that thing. Between that and everything I've seen concerning the ORIGINAL story by Joseph Staten who was the former Lead Writer on Destiny before its initial release, the plot that we see now in the game just flatout pales in comparison to the sheer masterpiece that could have been. And at no point in time was this flawed narrative ever properly seen to by the company. Ever.

Others may argue that the story has "improved" over time, but I disagree with that notion because it implies that the flawed narrative was corrected at some point. Which it wasn't. Vanilla Destiny, which acts as the foundation for EVERYTHING else in the series, is riddled with plot holes, horrendous storytelling and an anti-climatic and confusing final boss fight/ending that to this day remains one of the most popular memes on the internet. Zero attempts were made to go back and change any of it. Because that would involve giving the people who already paid for that content free, additional content which they won't do unless they can make money off of it. Which is quite frankly a load of horseshit. You would think that they should feel obligated to provide a COMPLETE game to their players as compensation for continuing to remain loyal even after being sold an incomplete game. Or at the very least, as a means to try and win back those who decided to quit as a result of such.

I could easily keep going but I'd rather not test to see if there is a text limit on posts, lol
In my opinion, I would hold off on getting Destiny 2.
If you haven't played it yet, I can DEFINITELY recommend Borderlands 2 instead. You will definitely be getting your money's worth.


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