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Joe talks with Battlefront 2 producer about the game.

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It's pretty nice that the producer agrees to talk about the things that Joe said in the angry rant. And it's pretty cool that he takes the glaring issues and answer the best that he can. Hopefully like he said, the game will get continuous new contents like new weapons and new stuff that adds to the game according to feedbacks like what Ubisoft did with Rainbow Six Siege, and that if there's a Battlefront 3, they will just get rid of the loot boxes altogether. (HAH, I don't think EA will let that happen. But I wish they will.)

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What I can't understand is if they are removing the Epic weapons/upgrades/etc from the crates why even still have the loot system implemented? That just makes it sound like they still function as is from the Beta minus some of the OP items you can get. Joe's facial expressions during the responses says it all, utter disappointment in them keeping lootboxes. And how long is it going to take before they get close to Battlefield or CoD in terms of number of weapons per class? WW2 launched with 5-8 guns per class which is nearly double and the variety is definitely a welcome feature when looking for the gun with the stats that suit you.


The Beta was still fun and the gameplay/setting is awesome but for the love of Kylo ditch monetary loot system and the masses will be happy campers.



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And how long is it going to take before they get close to Battlefield or CoD in terms of number of weapons per class?

As low as the number sounds he is right in that additional weapons can come from abilities (you can frequently use the shotgun and scout pistol abilities), special classes, and heroes. Not the same thing but when you take the more unique weapons to give them to the reinforcement units (flamethrowers/bowcasters/whatever else they have) they probably want to keep that as a more special thing. Then Call of Duty might have a lot of weapons but so many of them are things people probably won't bother using and Battlefield 1 was the same way with a few of its guns and the only big change for most of the sniper rifles was the range that they get you one shot kills or the bullet travel speed which might not really be a thing in Battlefront 2.

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