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Hand of Fate 2 impression. Bigger and better! Again!

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I think 2017 has the obvious theme of "let's release the second game in a game's series, and make them better than ever before." Because wow. There's so many of them, and I am so happy to see it going strong.


So the story of the game is that it takes place after the first game. The main character from the first game won against the Dealer, and he is now the ruler of an Empire that's not nice at all, but rather like the one from Star Wars. The Dealer is back out of hell, and he's pissed after being defeated. So he recruits a new hero, aka us, to prepare for the journey ahead and beat the first game's character so he can take back his position. I sense that he'll betray me in the end...... but we'll see.


I actually got this game very early in PAX Australia back in October where I actually talk with the dev team of the game and got the game for only $20 AUD/ $15 USD, which comes packed with the first game. 

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting and indoor

I didn't have a chance to play the game back then, BUT now I have played it. And it is beautiful.


At its core it's just like the first game. You progress through different short stories which culminates in an end boss fight, but now it's a lot cooler. In the first game it's just a simple level progression where you have to beat each bosses at the end, but in this game it's shown in a world map which corresponds to different tarot cards.


At first you have to complete the first challenge, but afterwards you'll unlock more challenges which you can do in any order that you like. And the best part about these challenges: they have different completion requirements. So it's not just a "beat the bosses at the end to progress" thing. Each ones are different, so in one challenge you have to "reach 20 fame before reaching the end to progress", or "get 6 blessings before reaching the end", or even a "get different clues and then identify an assassin before they kill someone", making each challenges unique. You CAN just ignore the completion requirements and beat the challenges straight away, but doing that will not grant you a gold token which has beneficial cards you can add to your starting deck.


You still have to assign different cards before the start of a challenge like the first game


But now you have companions to bring along with you!


When they're in the battlefield, you can press a button to activate their abilities which will help you in combat. For example: The Magician gives a magic shield which guards you against enemy attacks once, while the Wanderer stuns enemies. Each of the companions have their own personal sidequests you can complete, just like Mass Effect 2. And once you completed them, the companions will receive a new buff in their stats. Like shown above with the Magician. I completed his personal questline, and his card becomes white ish to signify that his quest is complete and he's now stronger than before. Neat!


While navigating through the different cards is mostly like the first game, the difference here is that unlike the first where you consume food every time you step into a card regardless if you have opened that card or not, here once you opened a card, you can step on it and you won't consume food. You only consume food if you step into a new card or if you decide to eat in a camp, which you can go to anytime.


Combat is just like the first game, aka Arkham series ish, but now you don't have to do the "beat up enemies when they're lying down" attacks. Instead you have finishing moves that heavily damages enemies when they're in a dazed state. And you have new weapon types to use compared to the first which only have 1. Now you got 3: the one handed weapon and shield from the first game, a heavy two handed weapon which is slow but damaging, and the dual weapon which is fast and awesome. I personally like the dual weapon. The only downside to the combat is you can't run like in the first game. Annoying but I can deal with it.


Oh yes, the "choose one out of 4 cards to determine failure or success" mechanic from the first game is back again. But now you have 4 variations! So it's not only picking cards, but also "roll a dice and get the required points", "stop a wheel at the card that you want", and "stop a pendulum needle at the right spot". 


I only just completed 6 challenges out of the 20+ that this game has, and I can't wait to find out what different challenges the dealer will throw at me this time! I highly recommend this game, especially if you're a fan of the first Hand of Fate.

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I liked the first game and this is definitely a game I'm interested in. Good to hear it is a step forward from first game without making any drastic gameplay changes. Totally willing to pay the full price for this. Thanks for sharing impressions @Kaz32.

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