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Tekken 7 & Injustice 2 new DLC character announced.

1 post in this topic

Let's say that no one see these 2 character announcements coming. At all.


First: Tekken 7. I freaking want Kazuma Kiryu to be included so I can Heat Action every single poor sucker that stands in my way. Instead we got............. Noctis.

Love his fighting style, even though it's pretty much the biggest cheating in Tekken ever. Sure Alisa has her chainsaws, Akuma has his hadokens, Yoshimitsu has his sword and Ravens their knifes/ Sword, but Noctis uses every single one of his weapons and even magic spells. Like, dayum. Does fairness even apply to Tekken anymore?? Dante can just come in the game and shoot everyone with his gun if that's the case!


Wait.... WHY IS NOCTIS SPEAKING JAPANESE IN THIS GAME?? I know there's both Japanese and English dialogue in FFXV, but why is he and the entire gang speaking Japanese in Tekken 7?? Isn't Final Fantasy XV's universe the equivalent of Europe?? DOES NOT COMPUTE!



Ahem. Right, let's move on to Injustice 2. Which shows both Enchantress, and the whole Ninja Turtles gang!


Which is..... interesting. They're all one character, so how does it translate to the game? There's no variations like in Mortal Kombat X, so what, you press B Circle and you switch characters? Or maybe you press special commands to switch characters? We'll have to wait and see!

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