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AJSA For Honor tournament

2 posts in this topic

So we will be doing some For Honor tournaments for next few weeks hopefully leading up to a big fight night for the end of the year. And with a twist come that day. There will be a few fights between here and there and i will lay down ground rules, conditions and some method to how we will run this going forward. 


1: 100% no bitching. This is for honor so i know it can be frustrating as hell when playing sometimes but there will be no whining. If you had an issue with the fight bring it to me.

2: gear stats are off. With a few veteran players, gear stats will be off. I understand you have put dozens of hours into unlocking all your gear but these are going to be fair fights on even footing.

3: Feats are also off. As above i get that veteran fighters want the stuff they put time into unlocking. However, this is a fair fight. Which means busting out an intant kill bow an arrow is going to be cheap in a sword fight and thus is out. 

4: Enviroment kills and knock offs ARE on. These are provided to all, and everyone has to watch this so if you are killed by being knocked off a cliff, thrown into spikes, pushed off a ladder, etc. Then it counts. So keep and eye on your surroundings.

5: there is no time limit. This is a fight to the death. Two men enters one man leaves. Not, two men enter and two men leave after 3 mins.

6: there are no rematches save for lagging out, dropped servers and game bugs such as enviroment clipping or getting stuck. If you loose bht oh man you want a rematch because you almost had him... tough. Match point is match point. We will have a few for fun and practice fights before and after but a tournament match counts. So bring your a game then.

7: all characters are allowed. Yes some are broken but also able to get around and for most there is that one character that we play well. And taking that away will put someone in someway at a huge disadvantage. This includes any dlc or cheese characters... if you cheese fight your a dick but a win is a win. 

Conditions to Enter:

1. Have the game and be a ajsa member. Guest are able to join the party and play in practice and for fun fights but tournament matches no. If they join then they may particapte but not before.

2. The party and game will be open to join

3. All ajsa rules and regulations apply on top of the rules i added. If you violate them then i will send it up the chain. So play nice or get out :-)

4. Have fun. Again were here to play. While this game can get heated, remember its just a game. And as ive said a few for fun and practice matches will happend before and after. Im hoping we can have a few of these leading up to a big fight night for the end of the year. With a few twist and unique surprises thrown in.

Good luck 


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Nice! About time it should have happened! AJSA will fight For Honor! :)

Count me in!

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