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AngryJoeShow - YouTuber Fighting Game

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Hey everyone!

I'm very new to this site! I just signed up now. I have been trying to reach Joe Vargas for a while now, via twitter, instagram, and exc. 

I am in the progress of making a 2D Fighting Game. It's a fan project using FM2nd. The idea of the game is to feature several YouTubers duking it out in a fun, fast paced, style. I've been working on it for the latter half of this year, and am slowly progressing. I was hoping to get in contact with the AngryJoeShow to see if I could represent them in the game via a character. The character would be Joe, and have references to different episodes of the show. 

On twitter I have posted a quick snipit of gameplay, which is still a work in progress. 


I'm also looking to include the AVGN as well as the Nostalgia Critic. I believe all three of these YouTubers have helped shape the way the platform has grown, and it would be great if I could represent them all in some way. 

I currently have a few other YouTubers joining the fold as well, that I have already received permission from. 

If anyone could help send me in his direction, to see if I can get approval, please let me know! Thanks everyone for your time!

Angry Joe.png

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To be honest Angry Joe rarely visits here and the normal procedure for any attention seekers is to ban them or otherwise to tell them to go away.... But I think your the exception here!  You'r game looks really cool and I think that Angry Joe among others might be interested!  I'll give a little shout to the council and see @DoctorEvil.


I'm not promising anything here but I'll hope for the best.

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First off, welcome to the AJSA!


Secondly; This looks cool!


Thrirdly, but sadly; I have to tell you that Joe is even less likely to see this here than on any of his social media accounts. I'll do what i can to get chatter going the hope he'll see this. Other members should be convinced to do the same just because this is a promicing indie project. Who dosent want to take control of an AVGN vs Nostalgia Critic fight!

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