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What could the From Software teaser game from VGA 2017 be?

2 posts in this topic

There's games that was announced at the Video Game Award 2017. And aside from Death Stranding, the teaser by From Software mystifies me.

What could this game possibly be? Then I had a bit of a closer look at the image, and here's what I think:


This is most likely not Bloodborne 2. Look at that writing in the background. Those are ancient Japanese letters, which is definitely far away from Bloodborne's western Cthulhu esque theme. And someone online actually outlined what the object in that bloody string is, and it looks like a kunai.

FromSoftware's Teased New Game Is Probably a New Tenchu, not Bloodborne 2


Which most likely means that the person in this trailer has a mechanical arm that shoots out that stuff. Kind of like Guts from Berserk.


So most likely the game that they're teasing right here is a new Tenchu game. Which is perfect because the tagline "Shadows Die Twice" sounds so very much like that game series. AT LAST! Finally the game is back after that 2008 Wii game Shadow Assassin, which is quite bad. Onikage needs to die damn it, it's been far too long since he got away with his crime!


Or the game will be a completely new game, but with definite Japanese Ninja esque theme. Whatever it is, I want to see the game in action. Make me proud From Software! Please let it be awesome regardless of what it's going to be!

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Honestly to early to say. I've seen several theories. Currently the four top ones are Bloodborne 2, Tenchu, Shadow Tower, or an entirely no IP. This article is pretty good on covering a lot of the things seen in the trailer and how it could relate to each theory:



Perhaps we will witness it this Friday. Namco Bandai is having it's own little event on the 15th.

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