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World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth polls   6 members have voted

  1. 1. Which side are you on?

    • For the ALLIANCE!
    • For the HORDE!

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The war against the Burning Legion is over, but the Battle for Azeroth is about to begin.

A lot of interesting changes are coming to WoW in the (presumably) near future.


Level Cap Raised to 120 (from 110)

The most obvious change will be in the late-game leveling. At release there will be 6 new zones across 2 new continents.

 From the look of things the Alliance will be leveling mostly in the maritime kingdom of Kul Tiras, birthplace of Jaina Proudmoore. The humans there are struggling with a number of problems; necromatic witches, a power grab in one of the noble families, the restless spirits of vengeful sailors, spooky wicker treants, and pirates!

The Horde will be leveling in the continant of Zandalar, the former seat of power of the ancient troll empire (styled after the Mayans, it looks like). The things they'll be dealing with there include; vampiric blood magic, gigantic dinosaurs, snake desert bandits, and an abandoned Titan facility where it looks like they were experimenting on The Old Gods... real Cthulhu-type shit.

The two factions will most likely be able to travel to and do things in the other faction's continent. The end-game will probably involve doing world quests in each other's zones for PVP or boss hunting. And speaking of PVP.



PVP and PVE.... gone?!

This change has been highly polarizing in the community. From what I understand, Blizz is no longer going to classify their servers as PVP or PVE. Essentially the whole game is now PVE. As with PVE servers, you will have the option to flag yourself for PVP to attack nearby enemy players.

What I've also heard is that Blizzard will incentivize playing in PVP mode, likely with some kind of EXP/reward boost for quests or bonus Honor points or something.

Personally I'm not the greatest fan of PVP (even though I play in a PVP server). It's still going to be a part of the game for people who still want it, but it might make PVE players feel like they're missing out. That said, playing on PVP has rarely been as hazardous as people might think it is. Depending on what server you play, you might not get any enemy players if you're playing during a busy hour. But hey, there's strength in numbers. Join a guild if you're still feeling kinda exposed.




I'm not entirely sure what the deal with these is about, but I'll do my best to explain. A long time ago back before 2004, Blizzard was mostly known for their RTS games. Warcraft was an RTS series.

Warfronts seem to be a cooperative RTS dungeon... kinda. You are basically the hero unit, you command soldiers and collect resources around the map, building your arsenal up, and then striking when the enemy is exposed.

It sounds pretty exciting to me. I'm not sure if they're going to make it a proper Alliance v. Horde thing, from what I've seen all the enemies are NPCs. But I guess you could consider this the unofficial Warcraft IV mode.



Allied Races

WoW is now introducing 6 new races to the Alliance and Horde! Well they call them "allied" races, which is sort of a roundabout way of saying "sub-races".

The Alliance can now play as Dark Iron Dwarves, Lightforged Draenei, and Void Elves

The Horde get Zandalari Trolls, Nightborne Elves, and Highmountain Tauren

The races were mostly introduced in Legion, with the exception of Dark Iron Dwarves and Zandalari Trolls, and I believe you need to grind out reputation in order to create a character of that race. Don't worry, at least some of them are reputations that are important to the story, so you'll likely grind them out quickly if you haven't already.

Each race offers unique customization options, mounts, and armor appearances. And in addition everyone is getting 3 more character slots, for a total of 15.



Storyline content, new dungeons, and more!

Teldrassil burned to the ground! The Alliance retake Loredaron!

That's about as much information as I have at the time of posting this. I'll be keeping this updated as more info arises.

I'm very eager to know what's going to happen, who fires the first shot? Are we being played like a fiddle? Seemingly all major threats are dealt with... or are they?

Til then, enjoy this brief features trailer for a more visual representation of what I'm talking about.



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It's really too bad Blizzard won't go ahead and give the Alliance the race  they have asked for since release, "High Elfs" They were an Alliance race before the tainting of the Sunwell iirc my lore.


I really wanted a Void Elf but just aint that hopped up on Alliance anymore. Funny the only reason the Blood elf's were created was so the Horde would have a Pretty race, and currently according to Blizzard humans are the only race that outnumbers Blood Elf PC's.


And I'd much rather play Classic if it ever gets released, cant wait to be rank 13 once again

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Is there a AJSA guild in wow?

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