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World of Warcraft Classic

3 posts in this topic

For those of who who haven't heard, Blizzard is going to be hosting its own Vanilla WoW servers.

I'm not a person who played WoW since Vanilla, but it's obvious that a lot of both current and ex WoW players love Vanilla.

I'm interested in trying it out, although I'm also wondering if people will actually pay the subscription fee for it. Private Vanilla WoW servers have been a thing for quite some time, and with this reveal I doubt Blizzard will let them continue to exist for too much longer. Which to me is understandable, since they own the rights to the game and they're capitalizing on what people want to see.

Anyone have any thoughts/opinions on Classic WoW? Any stories from when they played? 

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If they actually do make the server exactly the same, new players that never did vanilla or got zoomed through it will be flabbergasted at the difference.

It took me when I started the game, from Oct 31st to February 2nd to hit 60. A 40 gold mount at lvl 40 will be a stress on your wallet. The Epic mount at 60 for 100 gold took forever there were different options than just forking over the 100 if you happened to be a Night Elf.


I've always considered Vanilla a much better game. For one when you went to the opposite faction to lets say take crossroads, the elite guards at 25 could kill a 60 if that 60 wasn't careful. The BG's were much better. I can remember AV on AV weekend taking over 8 hours to complete, now if it isn't done in ten minutes that took to long


Just have to wait and see which build they decide to go with, one closer to release say 1 and half years into the game or one closer to Burning Crusades.



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I actually first tried out WoW a good halfway into WotLK. I'm sure there's something to appreciate when a game is more challenging and has better flavor, but it still has its share of shortcomings too (besides the fact that most people don't have the free time they did back in 2004). But it's still good of them to at least offer the option of being able to play this more challenging mode of the game. Although personally the game is a bit more accessible than it was back then, which is what got me to play it regularly.

Ammunition for bows/guns is definitely going to be annoying, and hopefully they keep the 200 item per stack system they have now. Combined with tiny bank space, that's going to be a pain to deal with again. Didn't rogue poisons need actual reagents in Vanilla as well?

And yeah the mounts were expensive, and they took up a precious inventory space too.

I could see them going 50/50, keeping the game mechanics the same but just adding in some quality of life improvements such as the larger backpack for using the Authenticator. They said that they would respond to user input, so if I had to guess they're probably going to start as close to basic Vanilla as possible and introduce features in the PTR to see how people respond to them.

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