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Overwatch December updates

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There doesn't seem to be a post anywhere to talk about current events in Overwatch, so I wanted to make one to let people be aware if there was any gameplay changes or events incoming.


For the month of December there's a new event and a few auxiliary updates:

December 12, 2017


New Seasonal Event: Winter Wonderland 2017

From now until January 1, a new Brawl is available called Mei's Yeti Hunt. I wonder if this might be a light jab at Valve's TF2 update video...

The last year's brawl, Mei's Snowball Offensive, is also available to play. And both have the chance of winning holiday-themed lootboxes for Christmas-y cosmetics.

http://overwatch.wikia.com/wiki/Winter_Wonderland A somewhat complete list of the various emotes, victory screens, and skins can be seen here.


Player Warning Updates

It seems like there was an issue regarding the player warning system. (If I recall, receiving a ton of warnings would make it essentially impossible to find a match in matchmaking, this was resolved a long time ago though)

The game now makes it clear when you have received a warning, and on the opposite end when your warnings have been resolved.

I would assume they're fine-tuning this system to make it less abusable.


Custom Match Ultimates

There's new options when creating a custom match, such as the ability to start off with an Ultimate and being able to adjust the duration of your Ultimate charges. You can set it so the Ultimates can disappear if left unused for some amount of time, or just make the whole match a mess of everyone popping their Ultimates.


Bug Squish

There was a bug in Elimination Mode that caused you to spawn as a random hero instead of one you highlighted, that's been fixed.

Several graphical glitches have been fixed regarding character models or abilities interacting with the environment.

Gameplay wise, Torb's hammer wouldn't interact and upgrade his turret if used from certain angles, same with Road Hog's hook. Both have been fixed. Mercy's Resurrection cooldown now resets after activating Valkyrie as well.


That's about it for the most recent patch. I'll also use this page to update information on the PTR when it becomes available.

If you want the more detailed patch rundown, check it out here.

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