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The Steam Awards 2017

5 posts in this topic

Starting tomorrow, you can vote on Steam for your top video games of the year. Each award's poll will be open for 24 hours, so cast your votes if it matters to you.


December 21st, 10 am PST

The "Choices Matter" Award - Emphasis on quotation marks. Generally the idea is more about sandboxy open-endedness or being able to control the narrative somewhat. And the nominees are...

- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
- Divinity: Original Sin 2
- Life is Strange: Before the Storm
- The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
- Dishonored 2


December 22nd, 10 am PST

The "Mom's Spaghetti" Award - The Munchhausen by Proxy award? Oh it's the games that make you feel "palms sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy" with adrenaline award. I like Eminem, but that reference is 15 years old.

-  Outlast 2
- Resident Evil 7
- The Evil Within 2
- Alien: Isolation


December 23rd, 10 am PST

The "Labor of Love" Award - This award is meant for games that receive continuous updates despite having been out for a long time.

- Team Fortress 2
- Warframe
- Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
- Path of Exile
- Crusader Kings II


December 24th, 10 am PST

The "Suspension of Disbelief" Award - Or the "what the hell did I just watch you play?" award. Games when out of context (and sometimes in context) seem ridiculous or insane.

- Saints Row IV
- Goat Simulator
- South Park the Fractured But Whole
- Rocket League
- Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus


December 25th, 10am PST

The "The World Is Grim Enough Let's Just All Get Along" Award - Basically the "feel good game" award. I feel like these awards were really obtusely named.

 - Stardew Valley
- Cities: Skylines
- Slime Rancher
- To The Moon


December 26th, 10 am PST

The "No Apologies" Award - The 'unconditional love' award? I guess the idea is "I don't feel guilty for liking this game".

- Rust
- Mount and Blade: Warband
- HuniePop
- Gothic II: Gold Edition
- The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (The Witcher 1)


December 27th, 10 am PST

The "Defies Description" Award - That's for sure. Games that are hard to describe with just a few words.

- Garry's Mod
- The Stanley Parable
- Pony Island
- Antichamber
- Doki Doki Literature Club


December 28th, 10 am PST

The "Cry Havoc And Let Slip The Dogs Of War" Award - Blood, chaos, explosions, not in any particular order.

- Just Cause 3
- Total War: Warhammer II
- Broforce
- Red Faction: Guerrilla Steam Edition
- Middle Earth: Shadow of War


December 29th, 10 am PST

The "Haunts My Dreams" Award - Horror Games? Nope, timesink games apparently. 

- Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
- Dota 2
- Dark Souls III
- Factorio
- Sid Meier's Civilization VI


December 30th, 10 am PST

The "Soul Of Vitruvius" Award - The best ("most lovingly") rendered character award. You're gonna understand the quotations in a second.

- NieR: Automata
- Rise of the Tomb Raider
- Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
- I am Bread
- Bayonetta


December 31st, 10 am PST

The "Whoaaaaaa. Dude! 2.0" Award - The LSD award.

- Hotline Miami
- Luna
- Antichamber
- CPU Invaders
- The Evil Within 2


January 1st, 10 am PST

The "Best Soundtrack" Award - Finally a straightforward award.

- NieR: Automata
- Crypt of the Necrodancer
- Undertale
- Cuphead
- Transistor


January 2nd, 10 am PST

The "Even Better Than I Expected" Award - Which I guess is the closest thing to a GotY category we're gonna get in this thing.

- Assassin's Creed Origins
- Cuphead
- Call of Duty: WWII
- Hollow Knight
- Sonic Mania



So what do you all think of the Steam Awards? I haven't been paying much attention this year but I feel like there were better games that should've filled some of these categories... and some of them aren't even a "recent games" categories.

To me it feels like Valve has been trying to get people to subtly stroke their ego a bit with some of these awards nominees. "CS:GO, Dota 2, Garry's Mod". Team Fortress 2 is the one that made me actually laugh. "Hey, remember when we announced a Pyro update a year ago? Uhhhhhh... here ya go! See, we still care."

Also, I just noticed I don't think there's a user-submitted award this year. Probably because I think users would prefer creating a shame award for games that were received negatively. I know I did. Last year I nominated No Man's Sky for the "No Guy Buy" award.

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10 bucks says 99% if not more of the votes will be cast by people who haven't played all of the games listed...I mean I haven't, so I wouldn't blame them, but I can't in my right mind vote and say this game is better than that game at xx when I haven't very well even tried other game.

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I'm not voting in this!  At least a quarter of these games weren't even released this year!  Witcher 3, DOTA 2, Saints Row IV, Team Fortress 2?    Fucking HuniePop!  I mean come on!  Seriously!  There is that much asset flipping filler crap on Steam they had to resort to 2015's HuniePop!  Who the hell is nominating these!

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13 hours ago, Crazycrab said:

Who the hell is nominating these!

I asked around, and apparently there were open ballots during the Fall Sale or something, so most these are user-submitted, and all of these are majority voted. 

Although there was STILL no custom award option.

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It's one of the dumbest selection processes and naming devices I've seen. It's too ridiculous to even just be something fun or amusing. 

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