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star citizen
Star Citizen Community Nights !!

3 posts in this topic

Hey guys since 3.0 is live and seems pretty stable. I wanted to get people together and play a bit for community nights! We can get our own discord goin and do some multi crew stuff. I really wanna run some custom ops if we get enough people. Like attack and defend outposts at night on a moons surface! Fukk yesss!! So yea if you would like to join up please leave your contact handle from Star Citizen below.  Mine is treasureknight 

I look forward to responses cheers! 

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3.0 is a buggy, broken, and frequently unplayable mess.  Everyone that isn't drinking the Kool-Aid knows it.

And nobody around here cares about this dumpster fire anymore, aside from the behind-the-scenes drama at CiG.

And the CryTek lawsuit will finish off the company (and the game with it) for good. 

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Hiya! Yeah I wouldn't mind playing a bit. I am not sure how the grouping works I have played a bit of 3.0 I haven't had any bad issues with it I just mainly been enjoying what I can but in small doses. Maybe we can do some swarms to keep ourselves sharp.

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