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I'm done with this B.S.

5 posts in this topic

Anyone else's tired of the B.S. Of Battle front two E.A., I know it's probably like beating a dead horse by now, talking about the absolute shit spewed by BFII E.A. 

But I'm Just starting to get at the end of my rope here so bear with me. 

The game sucks, once and awhile. What I'm mean is there are moments where thd game is fun and pretends to not be a soulless cash grab but then something happens like the same map or world pops up more then twice or you're killed by some one who has no skill and just had better luck with the lute crates and has better cards than you and then your remember you're not having fun and you're wallets been raped.

It happens more frequently as time passes and I'm starting to lose patience not to mention sanity.

Honestly I'd quit but I don't have many games and I'm broke. So not a lot of options and when you spend a lot of money on a game you don't want to just send the game back and not events get you're full money. 

So I'll keep playing but I seriously doubt I'll buy e next game or buy another piece of sh@# from E.A.

Thanks A lot E.A. Suck shit and die.

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I barely even play multiplayer games anymore, damn near all of them seem to be infected with the RNG lootcrate cash grab virus.  Battlefront 2 EA, PUBG, Destiny 2, COD WW2, Overwatch, Forza 7, Need for Speed Payback, NBA 2K18, pretty much all EA sports games and even some single player games like Shadow of War.


For 2018 I'll be avoiding the following Publishers:


  • EA:   Do I even need to explain why?


  • Activision:  ^


  • Warner Bothers:  They released an even shittier sequal to a game I already hated.... and added microtransactions!


  • 2K:  Despite Red Dead Redemption 2, which they have pretty much already confined to be will be a cash grab piece of shit!


  • Blizzard:  Thank you so much for popularising the idea of Lootcrates in paid games yet somehow trick everyone into defending you for it...... pricks!


  • Microsoft:  2 pieces of advice for 2018.  Don't cancel any promising new IP's and stop putting lootcrates into the existing ones which we are tired of .... just a thought!


  • Konami: They should permanently fuck off out of this industry!



Unless there are some radical changes I'll only be considering buying from Sony, Nintendo (reluctantly, considering their continued corporate dinosaur fuelled YouTube crap), Square Enix, Ubisoft, Capcom (I cant believe i'm saying that) respectable indies and the mid tier publishers like Namco Bandi, THQ Nordic and Atlus.  These are the companies that have manged to keep their shiftiness down to a minimum recently.

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the only one i dont wish never exist is konami,JUST BECAUSE OF SUIKODEN SERIE.the same serie i will never see again,thanks a lot konami....

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All I know is that unless Microsoft can stop with BS  and mak e games worth a damn i just use my Xbox for YouTube and Netflix

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Why no capcom?

Speaking of capcom, is there any other game by a sleezy company that is so different from their regularly sleezy policies than monster hunter is to capcom?

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