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Why aren't there any new ship to ship type games?

4 posts in this topic

So with No Mans Sky being more like One Mans Lie, when are we getting a new pilot-isk type game.  

We get one big bad egg in this type of gaming and that's that? 

Re was time when games like RTS arcade or at home games paved the way to new innovations in control designs, in game physics with real world type physics, and created ways that people could actually use to earn training for actual flight experience.

So why during what seems to be a drought of original post game ideas for Xbox and Microsoft can't create a new series of fantastic pilot based games featuring space flight, dog fightiing, planetary exploration or hell just earth exploration in like A bi-plane or the spirit of flight.

The possibilities are endless. But will Microsoft do anything expect sit on they're hands when it comes to games like that? 


But why not. 

Even with bad press from One Mans Lie, people are still obviously interested in a new version of this idea especially within the hands of sort one more competent. 

If they can keep making new content for GTA online crap when it comes to new levels for planes and cars then at the carry least should make new original games with that type stuff in mind.

Recruit Britt out~

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Try playing Elite Dangerous if you want something with more content and a way to play with friends.

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Why thank you my friend but that doesn't solve the situation at hand.

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I think their starting to make a comeback.

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