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community information
Xbox One Community Guidebook [How To Get Involved & More]

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AJSA Xbox One Division Information - Hello and welcome! This Guidebook will serve as a hub of information concerning the AJSA Xbox One community where topics such as Game Nights, the AJSA Club, staff members, hosts, how you can get involved and more will be covered. The goal of this thread is to help members both old and new better understand our community. If you wanted to know what we're all about, then you came to the right place. Thank you and enjoy!


Table of Contents

  • Overview
    • What is the Xbox Community?
    • Is there Xbox Community events?
  • How You Can Get Involved
    • Gamertag List
    • Attending Game Nights
    • Viewing the Event Calendar
    • Joining the AJSA Club on Xbox
  • Game Night Information
    • Who are Hosts?
    • What are Game Nights?
    • What games we normally play
    • Viewing Game Night schedule
  • AJSA Club Information
    • What is the Club?
    • How you can join
    • What is 'Looking for Group'?
    • Club activities
    • Club parties
    • Sharing content
    • Ground rules
    • Walkthrough
  • AJSA Gaming Youtube
    • You have a Youtube channel?
  • Xbox One Staff Information
    • What is the Staff?
    • Staff Roster


- What is the Xbox Community? -

The Xbox Community is a Division of the Angry Army that plays and operates primarily on the Xbox One console. We're an organized, diverse group of individuals that love and enjoy gaming across a variety of titles and genres. We believe the AJSA is more than just a regular ‘Clan’. We're are a community, a family of gamers spanning across many backgrounds and personalities. We play for camaraderie and fun, not for stats!

- Are There Xbox Community Events? -

Yes, we have Weekly Events called 'Game Nights'. The objective of Game Nights is to bring members closer, meet new people, play together, and enjoy gaming. We strive towards offering a unique balance of variety and consistency within our Game Nights rotation each week. We like to feature community favorite games, free to play titles, backwards compatible games, and more.

If you want to positively represent the community and fly our colors, please make sure above all else to read and review the AJSA Code of Conduct and our New Members Guide before jumping in.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Gamertag List: To get started, you can voluntarily add your name (and games you like to play) to our Official Xbox One Gamertag List. This allows you to add other members right away and for people to add you as well. While this is optional, it is encouraged!
  • Game Nights: Game Nights are weekly Xbox events. This is a guaranteed way for you to game quickly with and meet members of the community. Game Nights are avenues for us to game, talk, laugh and have a good time in an organized group. Each Game Night is led and organized by the 'Host'. The host is the person responsible for that event and is in charge of the group activities. They will make sure you are accounted for and get you in the group to play.
  • Event Calendar: All AJSA events, including Xbox Game Nights, are posted in the AJSA Events Calendar. We update Xbox events for the week every Monday (EST).
  • Join the AJSA Xbox Club: On the Xbox One we have the 'AJSA Club' that serves as a main hub of activity and interaction when playing on the console. The Club has its own party system, Looking for Group section, member roster, and social area (share your game clips and screenshots). All Game Night schedules are posted in the Club and Game Night parties are created from the Club. The Club is the social and gaming hub for AJSA members on Xbox.

Game Night Information

- What/Who Are Hosts? -

Hosts are individuals who are primarily part of the AJSA Xbox staff that are responsible for organizing players, creating 'Club Parties' for the Game Nights, setting up and leading game lobbies, and directing/supervising the group activities for their Game Night. They are the essential point of contact for the Game Night they are leading.

- What are Game Nights? -

Game Nights are organized gaming activities that are consistently held on a weekly basis. Game Nights create a designated environment where members can play with each other across a variety of titles each week. Game Nights are pre-planned, normally a month in advance, by the AJSA Xbox staff. Each Game Night is organized and structured to handle groups of all sizes and to keep people engaged for an extended period of time. 

- What games do you normally as Game Nights? -

You can expect us to hold Game Nights for community favorite games, new games, free titles from 'Games with Gold', titles from Game Pass, backward compatible Xbox 360 games, or games we simply would like to try out in a group setting.

Additionally, from time to time, we hold special series or themed events revolving around a particular idea, holiday season or anniversary, where we hold an individual or series of unique events that fit with the vibe we're going for. Our Game Nights schedule is updated every Monday.

- Where can I can see the Game Night schedule? -

There are various different ways for you to access our event schedule. Below are places where our event schedule is posted every Monday:

AJSA Club Information

- What is the AJSA Club? -

The AJSA Club on Xbox One is the official ‘Club’ for members of the AJSA Gaming Community on Xbox to congregate, play games together, meet others, and participate in Game Nights. The Club is a great way to help bring online gaming communities like ours closer together.

Not only will we have our main AJSA Discord channel and the forums to communicate, the Clubs system will make it easier for members to find and game with fellow members in a more efficient fashion on a local level. The AJSA Club on Xbox also has a built in chat system (somewhat smilar to Discord) and 'Looking for Group' system. Members will also have the ability to view their fellow members online status and see what game they're playing without having to sort through their own friends list.

- How Can I Join? -  

Go to your Xbox Dashboard and go over to the 'Community' tab on the top of your screen. You will then click on "Look for Clubs" button. Search for "Official AJSA Xbox One Community". Request for an invite to join the Club and an admin will send you a formal invitation to join. Once you join, you will be able to enjoy all the amenities that the AJSA Xbox Club has to offer.

- Club Activities -

  • Share your game clips and screenshots to the community
  • Create and respond to Looking for Group posts
  • Participate easily in Game Nights and meet new friends
  • Keep up to date on all AJSA Game Nights and other game sessions
  • Interact daily with other members via gaming or chatting
  • Create Club Parties to find and game with fellow members

- What is 'Looking For Group'? -

Each Xbox game has a 'Looking for Group' feature where you can a create a post looking for people to play with on that particular game. This feature has been extended to Club pages as well where in the Club under the 'Multiplayer' page you can create a 'Looking for Group' post. What makes this unique is that your post will be seen by all Club members regardless of what game you made the post for.

- What are Club Parties? -

A 'Club Party' is simply an Xbox Live Party started from the AJSA Xbox Club, however there are some differences that make it unique. For example when you are a member of the AJSA Xbox Club you can go to the 'Multiplayer' tab and click on 'Create Club Party'. When you do this it will create and place you within an Xbox Live Party, but the party itself will be marked as a 'Club Party' and any member of the Club will be able to see your party under the 'Multiplayer' tab. 

Also when you invite people to games or to the party, it will say "X invited to play Overwatch in the Official AJSA Xbox One Community' and/or 'X invited you to an Official AJSA Xbox One Community Party'. If your party is 'Open', any Club members may join as you don't need to be 'Friends' with the person who created the party to join. This makes it easier for new members to get involved in our activities.

All these factors mean that for Game Nights we use the Club Party system to create groups and invite people. While most Club Parties are used for Game Nights, we encourage members to freely create and use Club Parties to group up or find other members to play with.

    • Please be aware that you do NOT have to wait until we have a Game Night to group up and play with fellow members. You don't need to be a member of staff to use the Club parties.
    • We encourage all members across all ranks to freely to use Club Parties and create Looking for Group posts in the Club to find others to play and connect with. The Club is for the community and we ask you take as much advantage of it as possible.

- Can I Share My Game Clips and Screenshots to the Club? -

Yes! You are highly encouraged to share your gaming content (screenshots, game clips, and news) to the Club Activity Feed. This is an easy and effective way to communicate and meet other members by engaging over a funny game clip, news article or other notes of interest.

- Club Ground Rules -

The AJSA Community is governed as a whole by the AJSA Code of Conduct:

Each Xbox Club has tags that describe their Club. Our Official AJSA Xbox One Community tags are:

  • No Trash Talking
  • Casual
  • Achievement Hunting
  • Cooperate
  • Player vs Player
  • New Players Welcome
  • Will Help New Players
  • Everyone is welcome

- Xbox Clubs Walkthrough -

Please contact Rune [Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya] if you need assistance to join the Club.

AJSA Gaming Youtube

- You have a Youtube channel? -

We produce and upload gaming content to the AJSA Gaming Youtube channel. We have a catalog of videos ranging from event highlights, special series, gameplay impressions, and more featuring Xbox community members. If you like to check out our videos, consider checking out and subscribing to the channel here.

Xbox One Staff

- What is the Staff? -

The AJSA Xbox One Staff is the governing body of the AJSA Xbox One Division led by the Commander supported by Officers and Sergeants. These individuals are members of high rank that responsible for the day to day operations of the community. They oversee all community activities, organize many gaming activities/squads including our Game Nights and serve as points of contact for various games that we support. Each staff member has an area of responsibility and can be seen playing and engaging members on a variety of games. Don't hesitate to reach out to any of them and ask for help and/or how to get involved. 

- Who is part of Staff? -

Below is a list of people who are part of the Xbox One Staff alongside their rank and contact information.

Commander - Rune

  • Forum Handle: RuneX
  • Gamertag: AScapeRunePlaya
  • Discord: Rune#5424

Chief Officer - WookieJedi

  • Forum Handle: AJSAWookieJedi
  • Gamertag: AJSAWookieJedi
  • Discord: AJSAWookieJedi#8876

Officer - StraightUpMelon

  • Forum Handle: StraightUpMelon
  • Gamertag: StraightUpMelon
  • Discord: StraightUpMelon#4964

Officer - AwakeningRager

  • Forum Handle: Blur Mania53
  • Gamertag: AwakeningRager1
  • Discord: Rage#7123

Officer - Sickshock

  • Forum Handle: Sickshock6
  • Gamertag: Sickshock6
  • Discord: Sickshock6#0219

Sergeant - Delta

  • Forum Handle: MobiusAran
  • Gamertag: AJSA Delta
  • Discord: Delta#8213


AJSA Community Chain of Command Overview

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