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is gaming dying?

4 posts in this topic

So are video games dying out?

Is there any hope left?

Well personally I'm not sure, I've thought over this long and hard😆 

And I hope not, however I am noticing a pretty obvious trend in the gaming community. These triple A games these suppose to be great games of the new Gen have been mediocre at best when they aren't just shit at launch or gouging out there own story for force DLC  Content, or screwing us over with the recent "Gamble away Loot create operatives" that EA or Blizzard have been throwing at us. Corprate command fiends.😡

So either way in my general opinion we either need to either get rid of Triple A crap or encourage new innovations more predominantly other wise I for are more of this crud to continue on even when Virtual reality becomes new Gen console it self and for me at least that will be the End of gaming.

Thank you.☺



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If corporations like EA continue to gut the gaming industry with their bullshit Pay to win or microtransactions, then yeah. it's slowly dying. Cause unless it stops, a lot of people who play games might stop to get their attention.

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So are video games dying out?

We've had some of the best years in gaming in a row, thousands of games are released every year, genres of games that were practically dead in the earlier 2000s have come back in recent years, more people than ever are playing games, there is a wider variety of games than before and people playing them, the number of people playing and developing games continues to grow in countries and regions where it wasn't as big before (or where they didn't have as much access to it due to products not being available or language), the tools to make games have gotten easier to use and learn, games writing has improved (typically both in games themselves and people writing about them), streaming is massively popular, and Esports continues to quickly grow and to reach more mainstream audiences. As much as Youtubers and Reddit with no actual knowledge of the game industry like to have tantrums and build their entire audience and persona on constantly complaining about the same company, people, imagined enemies, or thing week after week, slightly changing the names of their videos to ask the same dull questions over and over about how everything might be ruined, it's clearly not.

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Thanks for you're input Commander.

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