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Halo: is it worth it anymore?

2 posts in this topic

Since I picked up the controller of the original Xbox all those years ago my gamer heart belonged to Halo.

The first time I heard the Warthog theme i knew it was game that would capture my attention for years to come.

The days I spent playing Halo 1-3 either with my friends or by my self alone were some of the best times of my life.

Hell there were moments when just hearing the the theme once or twice day made the world seem brighter if only for that brief amount of time.

But now a days, after the main games were done and the awesome side games like ODST or REACH were well behind me and the debacle that was 4 and 5 i guess for the most part in a bit gamer fitague of my once treasured series.

He'll now a days I have to be in more sentimental mood to want to listen to the Warhtog theme.

And now after all this time 6 might actually be heading around the corner?

I don't know whether to be happy and celebrate or roll my eyes and wait for Joe's review of it in the next year and half.

Honestly I haven't hung out with the chief in dogs age, I mean it probably won't be anything like the game I once remember with fondness or adulation. So why bother.

Corprate's already got its dirty hands in it with gamer cards, a ridiculous point system, pay to win multiplayer crap.

The damn thing felt more a Call of Duty clone my last play through of Halo 5. Thanks A lot 343.

Still though I've been a loyal Halo fan for along time and my heart still filters a bit at the prospect of a new Halo.

A new chance of a new beginning, a fresh new story yet to be concluded. But I don't know if it's worth spending the money for it and that's not something I thought I'd ever say about a new Halo.

So I ask is Halo worth it anymore.

Thanks for reading☺

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Well 343 have already pretty much confirmed that we shouldn't be expecting any news HALO 6 anytime soon let alone a release.  Which I find a bit strange when you consider they have already had a long break since last years Halo Wars 2.  I would at least expect an announcement this year but we might not even get that.



Is HALO still worth playing?  It's kinda hard for someone who hasn't really played HALO very much to say, I was on PlayStation 2/3 throughout HALO's earlier years.  I do think 343 are capable of making a solid game but maybe HALO and in fact most of XBox's flagship IP's are getting tired at this point.


I feel that what XBox really need to with thier first party studios is allow them to take some risks on some fresh new IP's like Sony did with Guerrilla.  That's a classic example of a studio that was stuck in a cage for so long working the same Killzone FPS franchise for years but when Sony allowed them to spread thier wings and try somthing different we got this:




For all know this might even be exactly whats happening but we don't know!  I really want to see XBox do better this year because 2017 was a dud for them.

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