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Got a Triple A game for only. 20$

2 posts in this topic

I know this is kinda old and if I wanted to be an ass to EA I should of just not bought the game but baring that in mind I still mange to by get Battle front 2 for well under it 70$ asking price soo........ Suck it EA!

You ain't getting all of my money like you wanted.

Oh sure this isn't like I got the deluxe edition which was a buckshot price of 125$ bucks by the way.

But I still felt good about it. Plus I had a bunch of other games I wanted to st rid of so what area y to fight get rid of them she making sure I wasn't going to get ripped off by this year's over priced B.S. Of a game.


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Well now! Good deal!


If I was you though, the damage I would have done is not buy the game to begin with. Or playing the game for a bit, then immediately get a full refund. That way they won't get a single cent of my money. :D 


BTW calling Battlefront 2 a triple A game is putting that game in too high. That game doesn't deserve that title. It's just a fucking Free to Play game that EA charge full price for. AKA a complete scam.

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