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This Week In Gaming 1-9-18

1 post in this topic



Leonardo Da Sidci on Hellblade and Living with Psychosis, developers and writers reflect on games from 2017, IGN fires Editor-In-Chief for misconduct, Intel responds to security issue as their CEO sells 40 million in shares before disclosure, gameplay of Ni No Kuni 2, Noclip interviews Harvey Smith about Dishonored and Prey devs on the difficulty of creating immersive sims, why Insomniac blew up the moon, original design ideas for the first Age of Empires, how Detention uses its historical foundation as its source of horror, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


Ni No Kuni 2 shows off its new RTS skirmishes and traditional role-playing


Dev-led in-game footage highlights the split between old and new.


The Messenger takes Ninja Gaiden on a cross-generational journey


We check out a slick platformer that begins like an NES game, but ends up somewhere else entirely


Hellbound horror game Agony teases ghastly Red Goddess


Embark on the road to hell this March.


Tackling an ancient curse and an angry titan in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire



Hands-on with Obsidian’s next fantasy epic.


Metal Gear Survive: 5 Minutes of Single-Player Gameplay


Get a look at base-building, crafting, and luring zombies off of cliffs in the upcoming Metal Gear release.

Looks like what would happen if MGSV had actually made any use of its mechanics.


Science is messy and cloning's unlimited in twin-stick shooter Beacon



This game about splicing yourself with alien DNA turns out to be stitched together from influences that are just as unusual.


Hands on with Phantom Doctrine



"What we do... the way conspiracy theories are made, you take some facts and connect them with bullshit,” Phantom Doctrine lead designer Kacper Szymczak explains after our demo. “The story in [Phantom Doctrine], it's not contradictory of actual history, we just fill in the gaps with conspiracy.”


The strategy games of 2018



A roundup of the varied battlefields we'll be conquering this year.



Another year has passed, and as ever more and more strategy titles heave into view. This article is a living guide to the big names and obscure indie titles coming this year (probably!).


Monster Hunter: World trailer introduces the Elder Dragons


They eat rocks, breathe fire, and don't care much for you.


Rogue Legacy Creator's Next Game Is A Co-op Brawler


There’s a certain kind of vibe that only some good couch co-op can give. The amount of time I’ve poured into classic beat ‘em ups or even dungeon crawlers is most likely a number I don’t want to see. Rogue Legacy developer Cellar Door Games is here to give me another reason to spend a little more time yelling at my friends on the couch, with their upcoming game Full Metal Furies.


Celeste is a mountain-climbing platformer from the makers of TowerFall


Matt Makes Games founder Matt Thorson is best known for TowerFall: Ascension, a delightful co-op action platformer. Thorson's next game is Celeste, a self-described "hardcore mountain-climbing platformer" that's coming to Steam this month.


The Mercury Man looks like Blade Runner with Russian health nuts


Don't replace your blood with mercury, dummy.


Omensight is a time-looping action game about solving a murder


The harbinger of whodunit.


2D post-apocalyptic adventure Skytorn will return, dev says


With one major project done, it's time to bring back another.


Take a first look at asymmetrical PvP zombie shooter Dead Dozen in action


We'd previously covered the announcement of Dead Dozen, a tactical zombie shooter pitting an ever-dwindling team of humans against their former teammates, with each player lost being converted to the endlessly respawning undead faction.


Total War: Thrones of Britannia presents Alfred the Great in new footage and screens


Introducing the King of Wessex.


The Red Strings Club is a cyberpunk game about underdogs and weirdos



Three games in one, each a different slice of dystopian future.


Binding of Isaac dev delays turn-based puzzle RPG Legend of Bum-bo


But a trailer's on the way.


Why Warhammer 2's Tomb Kings are Total War's strangest faction yet


Total War: Warhammer’s races are definitely getting wackier. Barring the Vampire Counts, the four races in the original game were differentiated less by their strategic mechanics than by their army rosters. But, since then, you can trace a steadily escalating line of wackiness via the Wood Elves, Bretonnia, Norsca, and the Skaven. True to this form, the Tomb Kings are a new , wacky peak - one that will tear up many of Total War’s fundamental rules when they arrive in Warhammer II on January 23.

Total War: Warhammer 2 Tomb Kings guide: Dynasties, the Mortuary Cult, and free units


Vampire Counts are so 2016. It's a new year and there are new undead in town, rocking a hot new Egyptian look and bringing some seriously cool new units, including stone sphnixes, jackal-headed constructs with giant bows, and - oh yeah - a priest entombed in a giant statue that shoots lasers from its eyes. Read on for a full breakdown of the Tomb King army roster in Total War: Warhammer II.


Injustice 2 adds Enchantress next week, watch her magic destroy opponents in new trailer


Her Super Move defeats her opponent with their own soul.


Smite unveils new Conquest map, Cerberus god, incoming pantheons


Season five kicks off with "the biggest art and gameplay change ever."


Georgia are coming to Civilization 6, and their Golden Ages are twice as strong


Another week, another new civ revealed for Civ VI's coming Rise and Fall expansion. This time around, it's Georgia, led by Tamar, who ruled Georgia at the height of its golden age at the turn of the 12th century.


PUBG to let players report cheaters directly from replay mode, new crate system on test servers


Live now on test servers, coming soon to live servers.


Lawbreakers' publishers have written it off, and they blame PUBG



Lawbreakers publishers Nexon have written off the entire value of the hero shooter, and blamed its failure - at least partially - on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.


Gravity Rush 2 Players Race To Unlock Items Ahead Of Server Shutdown



Gravity Rush 2’s online servers are scheduled to shut down on January 18, the game’s one year anniversary. As a result, new players and longtime fans are rushing to make sure they get every special item and unlock from the game’s online modes before they come to an end. 00:00 00:00


Intel responds to security research bug, says no cause for concern



Late last night, we reported on news that Intel processors have a serious bug that could allow malicious applications to read the contents of protected memory. Today, Intel has officially commented on the situation, but the response is carefully crafted and doesn't provide any significant details of what's going on. Two main points Intel appears to make in its statement are that this isn't a bug—the processors are apparently working as intended—and that there should be no significant performance impact for the 'average computer user.' Let's analyze things a bit more, though.

Intel CEO sold $39 million in company shares prior to disclosure of CPU security flaws


The company says the timing is coincidental.


IGN Fires Editor-In-Chief For 'Alleged Misconduct'


This news comes two months after former IGN employee Kallie Plagge accused her former co-worker Vince Ingenito of sexually harassing her and another woman. (Ingenito was let go in March 2017.) The Monday after Plagge made those accusations, IGN’s editorial staff had several meetings about what had happened, and eventually decided to put out a statement committing to “fix what is broken” within the company’s culture.


YouTube is playing favorites, and it all comes down to advertisers


Logan Paul’s horrific video of a dead body in Japan’s “suicide forest,” and YouTube’s failure to moderate it properly, has raised sharp criticism about how the streaming channel moderates content from its top creators, if at all.


YouTuber Leaves Smosh Games After Sexual Assault Allegations



Amra “Flitz” Ricketts, a popular YouTube star and member of the massive network Smosh Games, has left the organization after being accused by multiple women of sexual assault.


Popular puzzle game from Zachtronics rejected by digital store but developer unable to share details


Popular puzzle game from Zachtronics rejected by digital store but developer unable to share details


Star Citizen devs file motion to dismiss Crytek lawsuit



Roberts Space Industries and Cloud Imperium Games have filed a motion to dismiss in response to a lawsuit from Crytek that accuses the developers of breach of contract and copyright infringement.


Rebellion acquires SkySaga: Infinite Isles studio Radiant Worlds



It will be working on Strange Brigade and other titles.


Why Insomniac blew up the moon



Ryan Schneider explains how the Ratchet & Clank studio is trying to re-shape an already established and effective brand


5.9 million PS4 consoles sold during 2017 Christmas period



Down over last year, but software sales up sharply


Yogscast's Humble Jingle Jam Bundle raises $5.2 million for charity



The stream-supported bundle was a big success.


Poundmaker Cree Nation leader criticizes Cree portrayal in Civilization 6



"It perpetuates this myth that First Nations had similar values that the colonial culture has, and that is one of conquering other peoples and accessing their land," Headman Milton Tootoosis said. "That is totally not in concert with our traditional ways and world view."


Spain cuts €2M in indie game funding



Investment for small developers nixed


Esports News


Valve Removes Tournament's Major Status Because It Will Require Drug Testing



Developer Valve confirmed to Compete that it was rescinding major status due to government policies requiring drug testing: “Players were going to be subjected to drug testing and screening as part of a government policy in order to enter the country for that event,” said a spokesperson. “Given the local climate, we felt it best to pull back our involvement.”


StarCraft Players Forced To Re-Do Matches After Tournament Gets Seeded Wrong



The 2018 StarCraft II season got off to an early start today with the European qualifiers for WCS Leipzig. Early might have been too early though, as 30 minutes into the matches, admins had to rebuild the tournament’s bracket.


A Pocket Of Passionate Players Is The Only Thing Keeping Competitive ARMS Alive



While the Switch as a platform is thriving, ARMS is its redheaded stepchild. In its first two weeks, it peaked at the 13th most popular game on the eShop. Despite being a less popular Nintendo exclusive, some competitors are keeping the fighting spirit alive months after most moved on to other games.


Every Overwatch League match is coming to Twitch



The cavalry’s here! We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Blizzard to bring every single Overwatch League match to Twitch.


Spanish Political Party Registers an Esports Legislation Proposal in Congress



Spanish political party Ciudadanos (Citizens Party) has registered a non-legislative proposal in the Congress, asking for the regulation of esports in the country. The Catalonia-originated party brought France’s esports legislation as an example and asked for a legal framework to be built around teams, companies, and players to establish the scene as an entity differentiated from betting or internet gambling.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


Polygon’s Year in Review: here’s how it works



A place for designers inside the gaming world and writers outside to reflect on 2017

The warning of Edith Finch: what we love is killing us


A narrative designer on Media Molecule’s upcoming Dreams on What Remains of Edith Finch

Super Mario Odyssey is fun to learn and pointless to master


The creative director of What Remains of Edith Finch on Super Mario Odyssey

What future artificial intelligence will think of our puny human video games


A former writer on Westworld and author of How to Live Safely in a Science-Fictional Universe on Universal Paperclips and Subsurface Circular

A video game that doesn’t click until you let go of the controller — and your need to win


The host of Slate’s Trumpcast on Everything

Nier: Automata’s robots remind us that being human isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be


The co-writer of Mafia 3 on Nier: Automata


“The least-worst idea we had”—The creation of the Age of Empires empire



A brief oral history from the original game’s designers at Ensemble Studios.


How zombie plague RTS They Are Billions went viral



Indie studio Numantian Games explain how they hit on a winning formula with their survival strategy game.


How killing permadeath in Darkwood led deeper into the forest



This is The Mechanic, where Alex Wiltshire invites developers to discuss the difficult journeys they underwent to make the best bits of their games. This time, Darkwood


How the Endless series reimagined the 4X strategy genre



We talk to developers Amplitude about their aims and inspirations.


How devs and fans are coming together to rebuild Neverwinter Nights



Neverwinter Nights was always about the community, and now they're helping bring it back to life.


What goes into creating a memorable soundtrack?



We talk to composers about the secrets behind our favourite game scores.


10 of the best PC game mechanics from 2017



Well, 2017 was a strange year, wasn’t it? A reality TV star was sworn in as the President of the United States. Britain triggered Article 50, signalling the beginning of its exit from the European Union. Tensions rose between the United States and North Korea. Numerous famous men were outed as... problematic. Tensions rose between the United States and the rest of the world. There was a total eclipse. Thank god all that’s over, eh?


Even the Bleakest Horror Games End More Hopefully than 'Detention' Does



'Detention' deals in powerlessness and historical foundation to serve up truly bleak horror.


How Yakuza's City Changes From Game To Game



The Yakuza series has a few constants: burly men with tattoos, karaoke and cabaret, dramatic fist fights, and the city of Kamurocho. From Yakuza 0’s 1980s setting to Yakuza 6’s modern day, players have seen the city grow and expand, adding life and character to one of gaming’s greatest locations.


Finding Paradise Explores How Childhood Trauma Can Echo Through Our Lives



Finding Paradise, a five-hour narrative game released in December 2017, follows the life of an elderly man who, on his deathbed, reaches out to scientists to try and change his memories so he can die feeling more emotionally fulfilled. The game is a sequel to the much beloved To the Moon that pulls no punches, and players experience the coping mechanisms, pain, and knock-on effects of the protagonist’s childhood fear of abandonment and simultaneous social isolation. It proved a healthy catalyst for processing a lot of feelings I hadn’t thought about in years and, in a way few games can manage, made me think about who I am now.


'Assassin's Creed' Would Be a Better Series Without The Sci-Fi Garbage



'Assassin's Creed Origins' tries to run from its convoluted mythology, but the better move is to cut if off at the source.


Hellblade and Living with Psychosis | Sidcourse


In this episode of the Sidcourse, we take a personal look at Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and living with psychosis.


Deus Ex to Dishonored (Harvey Smith) - Noclip Sessions


We sit down with celebrated immersive sim designer Harvey Smith to talk about game design, maturing as a developer, life abroad and the long shadow of his early work.

Our work is 100% crowdfunded. Consider supporting us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/noclip


Prey & Immersive Sim Design (Ricardo Bare & Raphael Colantonio) - Noclip Sessions


Back in March we sat down with Ricardo Bare & Raphael Colantonio (who has since left Arcane) about the difficulty in designing immersive sims, and the long journey both they and the Prey IP took to get to this point.


How Games Use Feedback Loops | Game Maker’s Toolkit


Playing Pyre over Christmas got me thinking about feedback loops: the reward structures in games that can reinforce or balance out winners and losers. In this episode I’ll explain what this all means, and talk about the design of Pyre’s positive and negative loops.

Support Game Maker's Toolkit on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/GameMakersToolkit


Off Camera Secrets | Metal Gear Solid - Boundary Break Featuring David Hayter


Solid Snakes voice actor, David Hayter joins Boundary Break this week to intro the show as we find new secrets to MGS.


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry


Crypt of the Necrodancer artist gets engaged through his own game


Ted Martens was lead artist and animator on Crypt of the Necrodancer, a rhythm-powered roguelike built around a killer soundtrack. Martens is now the fiance of developer Liselore Goedhart, who pulled off a one-of-a-kind engagement using the very game Martens worked on.


This Aliens-themed Planet Coaster ride is incredible


A relaxing way to explore the world of Aliens.


Things I Missed From Previous Weeks


“I’d like PUBG to become a universal media franchise,” CH Kim, the CEO of PUBG Corp.



It is the name of the game that became one of the biggest global phenomena. PUBG Corporation (PUBG Corp.), the developer of this game, has now become a company drawing attention worldwide. They transformed the somewhat niche Battle Royale genre into to the most popular one in the world. It is almost undeniable that their influence was huge.

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