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Some of Best Looking Games Scheduled to be Released in 2018

6 posts in this topic

As we all know, in 2017 gaming did not do so well. That is not to say there were not some really good releases. There were; however, a lot of bad games and quite a few disappointments. I'm looking at you Shadow of War. But if you look on the horizon, you will see that there are some great looking games that are due to be released in 2018. These are just a few of the good ones.

#1) Farcry 5: Set in the American Midwest, Farcry 5 is shaping up to be an interesting game. Set in the fictional setting of Hope County, Montana, the game takes place in a small town that seems like paradise; however, if you look closely, you can see the violence and emerging religious sect that will play the role of the antagonist in the game. This will also be the first Farcry game that will allow you to create a custom character. As a personal fan of the Farcry series, I hope that Ubisoft doesn't fuck this game up. Ubisoft, I'm watching.

#2)Monster Hunter-World: The next installment in the Monster Hunter franchise, World is going to give players across the world a reason to play. The game features epic boss battles, a huge open-world to explore, and the ability to host co-op games globally. If you enjoy strategic game play with your friends, keep an eye on this one.

#3) God of War: Yes. Yes. Yes. Finally, a new God of War game to sate my appetite. However, this game will differ from the originals. Set in a cold, Scandinavian like setting, everyone's favorite God of War, Kratos, will be pitted against the giants of Norse mythology. And the game will also be a slower, more serious story. You see, Kratos will have his son with him during the game. I have officially jumped on the hype train. 

#4) Red Dead Redemption 2: Perhaps the game I am looking forward to most, this game should be great. This will be an outlaw epic that should be even better the the first. With a large open world, a tense, story driven narrative, and great gun play that makes you feel like you art in the wild, wild west. Look for this game in Fall of 2018. 

#5) The Last of Us 2: This game may possibly be the magnum opus of 2018. Taking place in a post-apocalyptic world, the Last of Us 2 continues the story of Ellie and Joel. If it is anything like the first entry in the series, then look for this game at the top of people's best list of 2018.

So, those are the games that I am looking forward to in 2018. Please put any games that you are looking forward to in the comments below. 

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Just 5?? There's a fuckton of games to get excited for this year! And here they are:


1) Dragonball FighterZ. We've seen the game & maybe played the beta, and it's one of the very best Dragonball game ever alongside Dragonball Budokai 3 + Tenkaichis. 


2) Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. I like the first Ni no Kuni, so I'm looking forward to the second game.

3) Detroit Become Human. I like Heavy Rain + Beyond Two Souls & think there's potential in expanding these games to bigger levels of variables. I just hope that choices in this game actually matters & they don't fall to the "in the end nothing you did before actually impact anything" approach of the Telltale games, since Beyond Two Souls unfortunately got hit with that. 


4) Red Dead Redemption 2. Because it's Red Dead Redemption 2. EVERYONE is excited for this game.


5) Last of Us 2. Because it's Last of Us 2. Yet another game that EVERYONE is excited for & can't wait to play.


6) Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord. The first Mount and Blade is a surprisingly epic open world army simulator game that got even better with the many mods that accompany it. And when Mount and Blade 2 comes out, I bet there's gonna be mod support up the ass that'll make the game even better. Can't wait!

7) Metro Exodus.

Finally this series gets another sequel! I hope in this game you can finally receive a power of the Dark One and able to do psychic abilities.

8) Scorn. Ever want to find out what happens when H.R.Geiger makes a game where everything is freaking gross & machineries mixed together with living flesh?

We'll find out how deep the rabbit hole goes when this game comes out. And looks like it'll be in 2 parts. 


9) Code Vein. It's Dark Souls, but anime.

What's not to like?


10) Spiderman for PS4.

I'm expecting a Peter Parker + Miles Morales teamup in this game, and that's enough to make me excited!


11) State of Decay 2.

The first game was an unexpected surprise. You can play as anyone you like & even the main character that you're using at the start can die & be replaced with another survivor you've rescued, which creates great tension when playing. I can't wait to see what this game will bring to the table.


12) Ace Combat 7.

The return to form for Ace Combat after Assault Horizon which although I like VERY much, doesn't do so well as the numbered series because of the generic setting & story. Since Ace Combat 7 returns to the usual fantasy esque setting of the main game, I'm expecting a good story to come along with it.


13) A Way Out.

The game that I'm very sure even EA will not fuck up. From the maker of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, comes a 2 player only game where you must guide 2 characters escape a prison, and do other things which will be revealed in the full game. And you can either play the game side by side with someone in local multiplayer, or online multiplayer. Too bad you can't play this game solo....... unless you play the game alone with 2 controllers. We'll see how this goes.


14) Soul Calibur 6.

We all know what this game is all about:

I just hope that the "story" mode for this game improves upon Tekken 7's story mode. Or just be an action adventure mode because I am sick of games trying to copy Netherealm's movie story modes & fall flat on their face due to the lacking content.


15) Kingdom Hearts 3. I mean have you seen the Toy Story trailer?? 

OMGOMGOMG, if the Toy Story world is this much fun, I can't imagine how the final battle of Sora vs Xehanort will be. I'm expecting full blown 1000 enemies in screen at once like Kingdom Hearts 2, but on steroids.


16) Hokuto Ga Gotoku. It'll be released in March, but only in Japan & Asian countries. Lucky for me, I actually have a Singapore PSN account & able to enjoy this game to its fullest. HEAHAHAHAHAHA!


There's of course more like God of War, Crackdown 3 and Days Gone, but not to the extent of these 16 games that I'm looking forward to. 2018 is gonna be sweet. Let's just hope that these games won't be delayed to next year.

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Ah man, I forgot all about State of Decay 2. Thanks for reminding me.

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As we all know, in 2017 gaming did not do so well.

Though it was pretty great, very few AAA game that didn't do well and there were a large number of well done indie and surprise titles to make up for it. Very strong year for PS4 and Switch owners.

I'm looking forward to

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine
Warhammer Vermintide 2
Super Robot Wars X
Ace Combat 7
Left Alive
Yakuza 6
Frozen Synapse 2
Total War Three Kingdoms
Pillars of Eternity II
Cultist Simulator
The Bard’s Tale IV
Mount and Blade Bannerlord
The Lord of the Rings Living Card Game
Dead Cells
No Truce With The Furies
Pathfinder Kingmaker
Freedom Planet 2
State of Decay 2
A Case of Distrust
Phantom Doctrine

Hoping we get more Hitman as well and Banner Saga III and Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

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I think 2017 was yet another great year for gaming and in general I don't even remember if there has been bad ones ever. The games are not in any particular order and I'm sure there are many games I forgot to mention. Some of the listed games are late from original schedule and it is still unknown if they will be released in 2018. I'm fine with the delays.

Star Citizen PU Alpha 3.x
Elite Dangerous: Beyond
Hellion (updates)

Copper Dreams
Pillars of Eternity II
Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones
The Bard's Tale IV

Out of the Park Baseball 19
Football Manager 2019

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

RimWorld (although I have played this near two hundred hours already)


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