The Red Strings Club review. Wow, this game came out of nowhere doesn't it?

By Kaz32 in Written Reviews & Previews,
This game just showed up out of nowhere on Steam, and the trailer is intriguing enough to make me get the game.   This game takes place in the future, a cyberpunk future where it's like Deus Ex with people & their fancy implants, and of course androids. Most of the game takes place inside the Red Strings Club. You play as 2 people: Donovan, a bartender that gives drinks which is so good it makes people relax & open up to tell their stories, and Brandeis, a guy with a hacking implant on him who can hack stuff. One day, an android, who looks like a bald guy with pink hair, but then everyone in the game says is a girl which confuses me so maybe he's a girl I dunno, shows up completely broken & messed up in Donovan's bar. Then Brandeis hacked into her brain to find out what happened, and then the mystery involving AIs and other strange things begins.   This game came from the same developer as Gods Will Be Watching. If you're not familiar with that game, it's a game that has a bunch of different game types thrown together, and all of them are random + really hard to actually do because successes and failures are randomly chosen for you. So you can have a game that's easy, or you can have a game that's hard.   Red Strings Club is fortunately WAAAYY more straightforward & better.    There's 4 kinds of gameplay style in this game:   A "create an implant for a client" game which requires you to create implants through pottery (srsly),   the main "bar tending to your customers" game which lets you serve drinks which mostly boils down to "guide the red circle to other circles, and depending on that circle, you can influence the person's behavior. For example: guide the circle to the circle that says "partying" to make the customer more lively & talkative. Notice how each of the drinks shows the directions that particular drink will guide the circle to.   The "impersonate other people's voices & contact different numbers to get information that you requires" which is my favorite game because it's so filled with detective + investigation,   and then talking to people & picking answers which does affect what kind of events will happen in the future of the game.   All of the games are fun & keeps you wanting to play until you find out more about the game's story & characters. Well except the pottery part. That's a bit tedious, but thankfully you only do that once in the very beginning of the game before the other stuff that's more fun happens. But the main draw of this game is the very interesting characters + story you're going to get into. It's one of those games that ask about what it means to be human & if it's right or wrong to actually play God, even if there is good intentions behind it. Like say you have the option to either let people have depressions, or have the power to reduce depression/ straight up eliminates depression. Would you let people have depression because it's human nature & it's best to leave it alone, or destroy depression so that everyone in the world don't have to experience it?   Oh yes, and the music in this game are also really good. Relaxing + tense, depending on the situation.   My issue with this game is simple: I want a more efficient way to replay parts that I want. I mean sure there's actually a LOT of choices you can make in this game & they actually affect what happens next. There's even a red chart which shows all the decisions you made leading to the end, but the game can be beaten in around 3 hours. After the end, the game completely erases the progress you made, so you can't even go to a specific point in the story that you want. You pretty much have to do everything all over again from the beginning to see the changes compared to the first playthrough. Argh, Heavy Rain had the option, so why not this game??   Oh yes, and there's also 1 thing that's completely left unexplained in this game that I really2 want to know: there's definitely a supernatural force in this game, especially involving a guy with a Grim Reaper mask, but it's never really elaborated on. It happened and then that's it. I WANT TO KNOW MORE DAMN IT!   Overall though, this is quite a surprising game that came out of nowhere which I thoroughly enjoy & recommend. Definitely a way better game than Gods Will Be Watching. I give this game my rating of "be intrigued with the story & can't wait for the sequel (if there is any)".
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