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This Week In Gaming 2-6-18

1 post in this topic



Amr Al-Aaser on What the Shadow of the Colossus Remake Doesn't Understand About Art, Robert Rath discusses games with Buddhist monks in Thailand, The Gaming Historian tells The Story of Tetris, Michael Thomsen on the unseen labor behind the video game industry’s biggest titles, Matt Paprocki on the making of 'Madden NFL 06', Rami Ismail on how speedruns challenge the notion of play and video games, The AI of Total War, an interview with Vermintide 2 and Hitman composer Jesper Kyd, Felipe Pepe's free 500+ page book on CRPGs released, Australian government responds to game industry report, GDC rescinds award for Atari founder due to past sexual harassment, translating Yakuza for the West and Bubsy into Japanese, Counter-Strike co-creator arrested for sexual exploitation of a child, developer of Hong Kong 1997 ends silence, Kaz Hirai steps down as Sony CEO, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


Red Dead Redemption 2 release date REVEALED for PS4, Xbox One - but it's not all good news



RED Dead Redemption 2 is delayed, as Rockstar reveals the new release date and gameplay screenshots.


Thrones of Britannia makes significant changes to the Total War formula



Expect design experimentation from the Total War Saga series.

Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is a deep dive into Viking combat


Gameplay impressions from a land of ancient rivalries

9 new things in Total War: Thrones of Britannia (Total War: Thrones of Britannia Gameplay)


A Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is out in April and Chris has been hands-on with an early demo. Here's everything he thinks you need to know about the next historical Total War game!


Introducing Linzi: Your Own Personal Chronicler


It's time to meet a very special member of your party: Linzi the halfling bard. Linzi used to be a student at the Pitax Academy of Grand Arts, but was expelled for "impudence towards persons of the highest esteem" — that is, for writing a raunchy limerick about Castruccio Irovetti, ruler of Pitax. Unabashed, she moved on with a bold plan: to find the next great hero in the making, join their party, and document their road to victory in the greatest book Golarion has ever seen. She has chosen you as her main character, and she's not leaving your side before she sees the end of your great adventure! Sure, she never got her degree, so her turn of phrase might be a bit awkward sometimes, and she might use her artistic license to exaggerate things a bit... But only to deliver the best account possible of your noble (or ignoble) deeds! What she lacks in bardic education, she makes up for in devotion to her vocation.


Indie brawler Streets of Red brings a permadeath twist


How do you reproduce the desperation of a precious handful of quarters at home? Developer Secret Base thinks it has an answer


Yakuza 6: The Song Of Life Delayed, Demo Coming This Month


Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been pushed back from March 20 to the middle of April, giving the studio "more time to line things up at launch."

Hands-on with Yakuza 6: The Song of Life with One of the People Behind It!


Heather streamed Yakuza 6: The Song of Life with the game's localization producer Sam Mullen. (Video begins a few minutes into the stream)


Viz Media enters games publishing with an anime-inspired debut



The manga and anime publisher is branching out


Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Blacksmith's Tale (EU)


Thrown by tragic events into the middle of a bloody war, Henry, a simple blacksmith’s son, must become a soldier, avenge the death of his parents and build a new life in a ravaged world.

Fight with him on February 13th with Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Murderous Pursuits Is A Game About Murdering People Having A Party On An Airship


The team behind The Ship: Remastered, a remake of a very good 2006 game about walking around a party and murdering people, are back with a new game called Murderous Pursuits.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 Shows Off More Of Its World In Its Latest Trailer


Sega released a new trailer for its upcoming tactical RPG Valkyria Chronicles 4, and it focuses more on showing us parts of the world along with a look at some of its key characters.

In Valkyria Chronicles 4, Claude Can Request Support From A Giant Snow Cruiser


Sega released new info on Valkyria Chronicles 4 on the official website recently, including details on the snow cruiser Centurion that provides military support to Claude and his Squad, as well as the crew that run the giant ship.


Close Combat: The Bloody First is coming out this year



The Close Combat series, first launched in 1996, is getting a new release this year. Close Combat: The Bloody First, which has languished in development limbo since 2014, will be released sometime in 2018, according to the series’ publisher, Slitherine.


Frostpunk's Automatons are helpful machines that probably won't kill anyone


11 Bit Studios unveiled the new manual labor mechs with only the slightest hint of anything sinister.

Frozen city builder Frostpunk is scheduled for release by the end of March


This War of Mine was all about the unseen costs of war, and Frostpunk, the next game from developers 11 bit studios, follows the similarly cheery topic of preventing a colony from freezing to death on a remote ice world. We won’t be playing Frostpunk in quite such harsh circumstances ourselves, though, as it appears the game is scheduled to release just as the first days of spring set upon us.


1947 Roswell-set alien horror game The Peterson Case announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Here is an overview of the game, via Quarter Circle Games’ official website:


Pillars of Eternity II's programmable AI makes combat a tactical treat


Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire rethinks companions. As an RPG born from the Infinity Engine mould - which birthed Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale - a heavy emphasis is placed on party-based combat. Its predecessor replicated Baldur’s Gate’s combat perhaps a little too faithfully, creating a system that was not only deep, but often confusing. With Deadfire, the team at Obsidian aim to rectify those problems, leaving behind not only the problems of its predecessor, but making your companions smarter and more engaging to be around.


My lethal pony – Equestria-aping fighting game Them’s Fighting Herds out this month


I’m not altogether sure I enjoy it when something which once caused astounded pointing and giggling later becomes An Actual Real Thing.


Gunpoint, Heat Signature dev teases XCOM-like battlemage strategy game



Gunpoint and Heat Signature creator Tom Francis recently revealed the bones of what could be his next game: Tactical Breach Wizards. It's still a work in progress and subject to change, but I dearly hope that title sticks.


Fight Martians, Viet Cong, and zombies with Far Cry 5's season pass


Ubisoft have revealed details of Far Cry 5’s season pass, as well as a new story trailer. The season pass will include three adventures that leave the world of Hope County, Montana far behind.


Diablo creator David Brevik is back with a new game, It Lurks Below



Terraria meets Diablo in Brevik’s new indie game


Blood Bowl developer Cyanide's next game is based on Warhammer 40K board game Space Hulk



Space Hulk: Tactics is a turn-based game due later this year.


Ash of Gods is a game about angels and free will that looks like The Banner Saga


A new trailer introduces 'The Great Reaping.'


One Hour One Life gives you 60 minutes to advance civilization and raise children


A multiplayer social experiment about life and death.


Detention Developer Red Candle Games Announces Devotion, A New Taiwanese Horror Game



Red Candle Games, the Taiwanese studio that made Detention, a horror game set in 1960s Taiwan under martial law, announced a new game called Devotion on Twitter.


Hand-illustrated survival RPG Smoke and Sacrifice announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC


Publisher Curve Digital and London-based developer Solar Snail Games have announced Smoke and Sacrifice


New Vampyr dev diary is all about saving and killing citizens


Another episode of "Dontnod presents Vampyr," an aptly titled series of dev diaries exploring the studio's upcoming vampire action-RPG, is out today. The third episode, "Human After All," looks at the NPCs of Vampyr's London, and how protagonist Jonathan's treatment of them affects the game's story and RPG systems.


Hunt: Showdown tutorial video details its spooky gameplay loop


If you’ve been curious about how Crytek’s monster-hunting bayou romp Hunt: Showdown works, there’s a new tutorial video out now that breaks down the phases in each match.

The only thing scarier than Hunt: Showdown’s monsters is its optimization


The PC Gamer crew wades into the undead swamps of Hunt: Showdown to see how Crytek's ambitious design and spooky setting stack up.


Go behind the scenes of '80s-style action-adventure Crossing Souls


These Spanish indie devs are making a game about all-American monster-fighting teens.


10 Crowns is a historical 4X from Civ 4 designer’s studio



After blasting off to space for financial strategy action in their debut game, Offworld Trading Company, Civilization IV lead designer Soren Johnson’s studio, Mohawk Games, are coming back down to Earth for something more familiar in their second.


Song Of Memories Is Getting A Worldwide Release In 2018



Back in July 2017, Pure Wish said it its Song of Memories visual novel would be heading to the PlayStation 4 in the west in 2017, followed by Nintendo Switch and PC releases. Today, PQube has set a more definite date for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 releases. It will be publishing the game on both platforms in North America and Europe in 2018.


A new Chuchel teaser literally reveals the March release date


Enjoy some fresh screens of rage.


New Insurgency: Sandstorm trailer features helicopter crashes, close-up fighting


The follow-up to New World Interactive’s realistic military shooter, Insurgency: Sandstorm has a new trailer that shows off the game’s focus on uncompromising infantry combat.


Game Info Metal Max Xeno to be released in North America and Europe


Kadokawa Games has announced that post-apocalyptic RPG Metal Max Xeno is set to release in North America and Europe.


Hollow Knight's third free expansion will add new boss fights and an extra game mode


Hollow Knight: Gods & Glory arriving early this year


Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak: release date, operators, maps, gameplay, zombies - everything we know


Rainbow Six Siege might be one of the best multiplayer shooters of the past few years, but its PvE experience has been lacking, especially when compared to previous Rainbow Six games. Ubisoft hope to change this with Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak, a co-op event that will launch alongside Operation Chimera and run for four weeks.

A Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is coming later this month


Another chance to shoot some guys on the cheap.


Shadow Of War’s Blade Of Galadriel expansion out today, along with free nemesis system update


The Blade Of Galadriel expansion is also out today, and lets you step into the Elven shoes of Eltariel, one of Talion’s sidekicks from the main game.


The Overwatch 'Year of the Dog' event is coming next week


The Lunar New Year is almost upon us.


Valve Will Start Patching Dota 2 Way More Often [UPDATE]


IceFrog, Dota’s head developer, tweeted late last night that the publisher will take a different approach to how the game is updated going forward. Instead of a few dramatic patches peppered throughout the year, Dota 2 will now get smaller updates every two weeks.


PUBG banned over 1 million players in January, new anti-cheat measures block ReShade



New system to roll out today/early tomorrow depending on where you are.


Slay the Spire developer considering more characters and events



New characters are "almost certainly" on the way.


Ys VIII Is Much Better Now



An excellent game marred by rough localization, Ys VIII: Lacriomosa of Dana is now fully re-translated and largely re-voiced, just like NIS America promised back in October. Now is an excellent time to play Ys VIII. Unless you’re waiting for the delayed PC version. Or the upcoming Switch port.


GDC cancels achievement award for Atari founder after outcry


And in the 2010 book “Replay: The History of Video Games” (excerpted by Gamasutra) Ray Kassar, Atari’s chief executive from 1978 to 1983, described inheriting an unruly culture from Bushnell and trying to bring order to it as an executive from more traditional industries.

“When I arrived there on the first day, I was dressed in a business suit and a tie and I met Nolan Bushnell. He had a T-shirt on. The T-shirt said: ‘I love to fuck.’” Kassar said. “That was my introduction to Atari.”

#NotNolan: why game creators are speaking out against the founder of Atari


In a 2011 interview, former Atari exec Ray Kassar recalls arriving on his first day in a suit, only to find Bushnell wearing a T-shirt that said ”I love to fuck.” In a Playboy profile from 2012, Bushnell wistfully recalls the “wild environment” of the ‘70s Atari era. “It was post–flower revolution, women’s liberation, no AIDS yet, and lots of company romances.” It also describes how the engineers at Atari codenamed their projects after attractive female employees; “Darlene,” the codename for the home version of Pong, was inspired by a woman who Bushnell described to Playboy as “stacked.”


Counter-Strike Co-Creator Arrested For Sexual Exploitation Of A Child [UPDATE: Valve Suspends]



Seattle police arrested Counter-Strike co-creator Jess Cliffe, 36, early this morning for sexual exploitation of a child. Police have not yet commented further on the case.


Prosecutors say Jess Cliffe, the co-creator of the video game Counter-Strike who was arrested for sexual exploitation of a child, paid a minor to have sex with him in 2017 and recorded her against her will.


Kaz Hirai Steps Down As Sony CEO



Will remain on as chairman

PlayStation UK names Mark Bowles as new marketing director


He replaces Rich Keen


Nintendo's Hardware Wizard Will Get Lifetime Achievement Honors



Genyo Takeda might not be a familiar name to Nintendo fans, but he’s been the driving force behind the company’s iconic game console hardware and revolutionary controllers, and a few classic games besides. And now, he’s getting a well-deserved lifetime achievement award.


Source: Capcom Lays Off Staff, Cuts Scope On Next Dead Rising



Capcom has laid off a significant number of staff in its Vancouver office


Jobs lost as Nexon America restructures



But publisher insists there's no significant impact to overall workforce, layoffs unrelated to struggling Lawbreakers


Subnautica Dev Fired Over 'Hateful' Statements



Twitter users subsequently found many questionable statements in Chylinski’s Twitter feed, including tweets about immigration claiming “importing random ppl from the 3rd world is also importing 3rd world tier crime rates and IQ.” Another tweet mocked a poll on YouTube about gender diversity by referencing attack helicopters, a meme commonly used to make light of transgender issues. Other tweets make light of global pay inequalities between men and women, praise colonialism, or reference “SJW logic.”

Firing a white supremacist has obviously lead to this week's negative review bombing on Steam.


Friday the 13th Kickstarter backer rewards were stolen by staff at game distribution partner and sold on eBay (Updated)



Any unredeemed codes that were stolen have now been cancelled.


GOG makes U-turn on Opus Magnum following initial rejection (Updated)



"We did it! You did it! And then we did it!"


EA: We Believe In Microtransactions



After controversy around Star Wars: Battlefront 2, EA says it believes in microtransactions when they are "done right."

EA stock reaches all-time high ahead of Battlefront II loot box return


Company's stock rose 7%, peaking at $131 following recent financial results

The Myth of Metacritocracy


10 Years Ago This Month: EA learns a costly lesson about striving for excellence and Take-Two tells it to take a hike


Square Enix CEO commits to single-player, says 'games as a service' doesn't mean loot boxes



Yosuke Matsuda says developer's model is to "keep adding more content" to its games over time.


‘King of Kong’ star Billy Mitchell lied, claims Donkey Kong world-record analysis



A Donkey Kong fansite has removed three high score submissions from arcade legend Billy Mitchell after an analysis revealed he likely misled the community about playing on real arcade hardware and that he instead submitted emulator gameplay. On Donkey Kong Forum, Mitchell previously held the No. 20 score with 1.062 million points, right behind his long-time rival Steve Wiebe’s 1.064 million. The professional gamer and hot-sauce magnate now has the No. 47 score with his 933,900 result he played in public on an arcade machine in 2004.

Former World Record Donkey Kong Score Now In Dispute


Sorting out what happened the day he set his record leaves numerous questions.


Harsher punishments could be coming for YouTube creators, CEO says



‘They can damage the reputation and revenue of your fellow creators’


American Twitch IRL streamer details doxing and targeted harassment campaign in Taiwan



When popular Taiwan-based American Twitch caster CJayride streamed himself hanging out in a hot tub with friends at a local hotel in Taiwan, he didn’t expect it to result in days of targeted harassment on Facebook, doxing, two Twitch bans and criticism from national Taiwanese media.


It Sure Looks Like The Winner Of This PUBG Charity Match Cheated



Here’s a thought: Don’t cheat. And definitely don’t cheat during a charity stream hosted by a game’s developer.





Response is 18 months late and commits to nothing.


German Authorities Consider Banning Loot Boxes



The discussion over loot boxes, and whether their use in video games constitutes a form of gambling, became an increasingly debated issue in gaming and esports last year.


Modders are making their own version of massive space opera board game Twilight Imperium



Thanks to Tabletop Simulator the home-made ruleset called Shattered Ascension is finding new life in digital form.


Esports News


Geguri may soon become the Overwatch League's first female player



The Korean Zarya phenom recently said that she's joined a team.


How it feels to get crushed by RNG on Hearthstone's biggest stage



Ant on getting blown out by bad luck at the World Championship, and how he plans to bounce back.


Multiple Fighting Game Tournaments Ban Competitor After Woman Says He Beat And Raped Her



Howard is a regular competitor on the fighting game scene, with multiple finals appearances in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. (He’s also known for pleading guilty to credit card fraud and identity theft in 2016.) As Howard came up on Tuesday night’s episode of The On Blast Show, a weekly Twitch podcast, fellow player Joey “Joey D” D’Alessandro dropped a bombshell.


The Counter-Strike Boston Major Is Fake War Presented By Real War



Watching Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in a 7,000-seat arena for 24 hours over the course of three days made me feel like I was 19 years old again. I don’t miss it, especially after being surrounded by fans around that age at Eleague’s CS:GO major in Boston.


German Coalition Parties Agree to Recognize Esports as Sports, Seek ‘Olympic Perspective’



More than three months after the German Federal Election, a new government has not yet been formed. After long negotiations, Angela Merkel’s CDU and Martin Schulz’s SPD are closing on a coalition, and one of the subjects on which they agreed was the recognition of esports as sports.


Crowdfunding News (not sharing everything I find, just ones that look interesting, have known talent behind them, and a chance to succeed)


What is Atari doing funding RollerCoaster Tycoon on an equity crowdfunding platform?



A few weeks ago, a subsidiary of Atari announced that it was considering a port of RollerCoaster Tycoon to the Nintendo Switch, to be funded through equity investment. Not just any equity investment, but a newly available type of investment made possible by the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)





The unseen labor behind the video game industry’s biggest titles.


'We're Totally Fucked': Inside The Making of 'Madden NFL 06'



"You see this final product as a gamer and it's a turd. But we slaved. That was the hardest I had ever worked in my whole life. "


In Thailand, Buddhist Monks Grapple with the Meaning of Video Games



Discussing games and reincarnation with Monks at Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


If Esports Are the Sports of Video Games, This is the Parkour



How video game speedruns challenge the notion of play and video games


How Analogue remade the Super Nintendo



Go behind the scenes with the team behind the Super Nt


Developer of world’s worst video game, Hong Kong 1997, ends silence to reveal its strange genesis and beg gamers to drop it



With little money and no programming expertise, Yoshihisa Kurosawa of Japan set out to make the worst game possible; he is mystified players have taken it so seriously that, 23 years on, they bombard his Facebook page with questions


Road to the IGF: Zachtronics' SHENZHEN I/O



SHENZHEN I/O is a puzzle game of building circuits and writing code, doing so using in-game data sheets and guides while players work through their employment with Shenzhen Longteng Electronics Co., Ltd. Should they find this task too daunting and need to unravel their tangled mind, there's even a game of Solitaire included in the title.

Road to the IGF: Bennett Foddy's Getting Over It


Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy challenges players to climb up a mountain of trash as they sit in an iron pot, using a hammer to fling themselves up the pile. Doing so is about as easy as it sounds, dooming players to some crippling failures as they tumble all the way back down the mountain after a single miss-gauged swing.

Road to the IGF: Dim Bulb Games' Where the Water Tastes Like Wine


Where the Water Tastes Like Wine takes players on a narrative adventure across America, gathering tall tales and personal anecdotes as they travel around the country. Players will meet a variety of characters from all manner of backgrounds on this boxcar-hopping trip, hearing stories from them that explore the fantastical, the surreal, and the frightening.

Road to the IGF: Amanita Design's CHUCHEL


Amanita Design's CHUCHEL follows the goofy antics of Chuchel, a hairy little creature with a penchant for physical humor, solving puzzles to help the silly creature get its precious cherry.

Road to the IGF: Total Mayhem Games' We Were Here


Total Mayhem Games' We Were Here is a game about cooperation, placing a pair of players in a castle and tasking them with talking each other through puzzles only one of them can see.


Elite: Dangerous Players Band Together To Save Cancer Patient's Expedition From Griefers



Since January 12, a group of Elite: Dangerous players has been journeying across the galaxy to reach Dove Enigma station, named for a member of the expedition, Brandon “DoveEnigma13” Keith. Keith is fighting terminal cancer.


The Extreme Cost of Game Development Might Be Unfixable



One game developer’s new calculations to determine the costs of games

The Kids Who Snuck A TV Into Class, And Other Stories Of Secret Gaming



When I was in high school, I was an expert in pretending to pay attention. I used to read Spin Magazine in my math textbook because it was basically the same size as the book. I also occasionally texted under my desk, and a few of my friends memorized their phone’s keyboard so they could text in their pockets. Kids nowadays aren’t all that different, and teachers, as ever, have to deal with all sorts of student schemes.


Collector Offers To Pay $100,000 For Original Contra Box Art



While video game collecting is a popular hobby, video game art collecting is a more rarefied avocation. That’s probably because there are so few pieces to go around.


Vermintide 2 composer: "I feel like I have joined the invading Skaven army"



Jesper Kyd is one of the most respected composers in the videogame industry. He has created the soundtracks for series such as Hitman, Assassin’s Creed, Borderlands, and more. That feeling you get as the music swells when you are perched on a vantage point as Altair or Ezio? That is thanks to Kyd. He is also responsible for the rousing, almost satanic orchestral tracks that make every Hitman: Blood Money strangulation and escape feel epic.


Indie Dev Survey: The Creators of What Remains of Edith Finch and More Share Their Hopes for 2018



From Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy to Dream Daddy, here's what indie game creators who made a splash in 2017 look forward to in 2018.


Steam Winter Sale Data and the Effects of a Front Page Feature



Last year I launched my first game on Steam, followed by three months of continue development before the arrival of Steam's biggest sale of the year. I originally planned to enter with a 10% discount, but then things suddenly got more interesting when Steam contacted me to offer a one-day front-page feature, if I would agree to increase the discount to 25%.




Shadow of the Colossus' Remake on PS4 Loses the Magic in its Quest for Technical Brilliance



Crisper is not always better.

For all its influence, Shadow of the Colossus' best design practices have gone ignored


Countless developers cite Team Ico's atmospheric adventure game as inspiration, but few modern games employ its teachings.


I was a video game sceptic, but now I'm a fan



After spending most of her life bouncing off video games, Jessica Furseth finally discovers the joy and practical benefits of play


Q&A: Translating the humor & tone of Yakuza games for the West



That writing is translated and localized for the West by Atlus, starting with Yakuza 0 and continuing on through Yakuza Kiwami (a remake of the original 2005 game) and Yakuza 6. The localization of all three games has been overseen by Scott Strichart, who recently sat down to chat about the ins and outs of adapting these games' humor and gravity for Western players.


How They Translated Bubsy into Japanese



Several years back, a reader asked about how the Super NES version of Bubsy had been translated into Japanese. The game is filled with 90s American “attitude”, movie references, and bad cat puns – many of which are presented as voice clips. So how did the Japanese version handle all of these translation challenges?


1998 text adventure classic Anchorhead is an uncanny addition to 2018's lineup



An illustrated and expanded version of the Lovecraftian horror game released on Steam and Itch.


Rise and Fall asks the question: Can Civilization VI become something it’s not?


The announcement that Civilization VI’s Rise and Fall expansion would include the leader Poundmaker of the Cree should have been cause for celebration.


You Need To Play Iconoclasts


Support snomaN Gaming on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/snomangaming


Examining Monster Hunter's Perfect Feedback Loop


We... well... examine Monster Hunter's Perfect Feedback Loop. What else did you expect?

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kingdomklannad


Getting Over It (Spoilers?)


I managed to make a Getting Over It video on YouTube without screaming or losing my cool even once! Do I get a cookie?

Also, we talk about boring game design things and the concept of failure in videogames and frustration and pain as express aesthetic goals. You know, NERD STUFF.



Attempting to Make Sense of Ride to Hell, Five Years Later


Five years from its initial release, Ride to Hell is still widely considered to be one of the worst games ever made. So obviously I had a blast with it. It's as perplexing as it is hilarious; getting you to think about the context of its production in the same way the best b-movies do. In this video, I try to break down what the hell Ride to Hell even is, and why I ended up having such a surprisingly good time with it.

Patreon: http://patreon.com/writingongames


What the Shadow of the Colossus Remake Doesn't Understand About Art [siegarettes]


Bluepoint's got a big bucket of particles effects and fur shaders for ya, all rendered at 4K 60FPS in HDR. That's gotta make a great game, right?



The Design of Breath of the Wild's Great Plateau // HeavyEyed


The Great Plateau is an interesting case for Open World tutorial design that I think does a lot right so let's take a look at why that is and how it helps to continue to evolve the Zelda series as a whole.

Patreon // https://www.patreon.com/heavyeyed


(Not Just A) Sonic Adventure


In this video; I make the case for the much maligned supporting cast of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise and explain why Sonic Adventure is not just a Sonic Adventure.


How's Call of Duty's Single-Player Been Lately? [2015-2017, Spoilers]


This is a video critique of the most recent full rotation of the three development studios making Call of Duty games. It look at Treyarch's Black Ops 3, Infinity Ward's Infinite Warfare, and Sledgehammer Games' World War 2. It look at what kind of war story each game wants to tell and what kind of a job it does in the telling. Spoilers throughout.



Why Videogame Classics Aren't Always Great [siegarettes]


Some games have reputations so grand that they dwarf all other games. And that's not always a good thing.



Mathijs De Jonge on Designing Horizon Zero Dawn - Extended Interview


In this extended cut of our interview with Horizon Zero Dawn's Director Mathijs De Jonge, we talk about the long process of crafting the game from initial pitch to boxed release. [WARNING: CONTAINS LIGHT SPOILERS]


Second The Making Of Monster Hunter: World Video Focuses On Design


Now that Monster Hunter: World has arrived, Capcom has been sharing a series of The Making of Monster: Hunter World videos that talks to the people behind the game. It looks at what went into creating the game. The second installment is up, and it focuses on the game’s design.


The Story of Tetris | Gaming Historian


In 1984, during the Cold War, a Russian programmer named Alexey Pajitnov created something special: A puzzle game called Tetris. It soon gained a cult following within the Soviet Union. A battle for the rights to publish Tetris erupted when the game crossed the Iron Curtain. Tetris not only took the video game industry by storm, it helped break the boundaries between the United States and the Soviet Union.

Support the show on Patreon ► https://goo.gl/pQaU9N


Doki Doki Literature Club: The Story of Dan Salvato


Doki Doki Literature Club is a game that's inspired by relationships; both the real life people that Dan Salvato has known, and his own "love-hate relationship" with anime games in general. This feels like one of the most important videos we've done.

BretonStripes is a psychologist who's worked extensively in mental health first aid over the years, and as such, it was fascinating to learn about the background for Doki Doki Literature Club and how Dan Salvato drew from real experiences with "loved ones" who suffer from depression in order to create the game.

Check out our Patreon: http://patreon.com/videogamestorytime


Yoshi's Halcyon Music | Game Score Fanfare


Tracing the thread of childhood nostalgia in the soundtracks of Yoshi games throughout the years.

Game Score Fanfare is a show that celebrates music in video games, an aspect so overlooked as that's often the point: to work without you even realising it's there. I look at games through the lens of its score, discovering the unique perspective and roles that music can bring.

My Patreon Page: http://www.patreon.com/gamescorefanfare


The Clinical Research of Gaming #CHECKPOINTSERIES


We need your support: https://checkpoint.org.au/donate/
Your pro-mental health gaming community: https://checkpoint.org.au/gamermates/

We're here to tackle mental health issues, using the power of video games. Proudly Kickstarted and presented by Way Down Deep, The CheckPoint Series is here to improve wellbeing, boost resilience, and teach how games can be used for good!

Depression on #CheckPointSeries


The Road To War | The AI of Total War (Part 1)


Since the beginning of my AI and Games series on YouTube I've explored a variety of AI techniques to solve specific problems within video game design that require both immediate, reactive behaviour in conjunction with long-term and strategic decision making. First-Person Shooters (FPS) are certainly a common genre from which interesting AI can emerge given its predicated on fast, reactive and engaging gameplay. But if we're to consider the need for effective systems that balance both short and long term decision making in games, there is no greater problem space to explore than Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games.

Evolution of War | The AI of Total War (Part 2)


In part two of the Total War series I take a look at the evolution of the franchise from Rome: Total War all the way to Napoleon: revamped game engines, the rise of the modding community and new AI systems. All of which had some bumps in the road along the way.



Why Do Games Cost So Much To Make? - AAA Game Budgets - Extra Credits


Let's talk numbers: marketing, office space, dev tool licenses, voice actors, and more that goes into the average AAA game budget. Why do some games never turn a profit while others seem to magically make it work on the cheapest budget possible?


Journey Creator Jenova Chen - IGN Unfiltered #27


thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen talks about his fascinating game development career, from growing up as a gamer in China to what it took to create Journey, as well as his quest to bring games to more people, his new project Sky, and more!


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry


Pixel Art

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