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Videogames: The superior Story Adaptor?

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Is it just my opinion or isn't videogames the greatest story adaptor? 

I mean books are one thing and movies just feel soo displaced, you never feel like you're a part of the story so you can't actually feel completely invested ya know?

Videogames To me are just so better at telling a story cause it puts you right in the action, you are cast as the part of the hero of villain depending what game you're playing  so you're completely invested in story and most like to actually follow though cause you want to win.

So here is my idea to the department of education and the entertainment industry, turn every story, textbook and movie into a videogame with a fully versed and interactive story.

It's just such a better idea then killing off trees to make more books and even with a crappy story you can always make that game into a awesome multiplayer game.

Guys... Come on, come oooooonnnnn!!😎




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If handled right. Lately most of the AAA developers have focused less on good storytelling and more on mass market.

But that's not to say they don't try.

Last year we got Horizon Zero Dawn, which was fantastic from beginning to end! Even the side quests were interesting and made me want to explore and find out more about this strange new world after the fall of civilization.

Aaaaaand then there's Overwatch.

Millions spent on marketing and creating this rich environment with interesting (looking) characters...and the game itself is nothing but a moba arena shooter that does little to expand on it. It irks me every time I hear fans go on about Tracer's "backstory" when the only way to learn it is supplement materials that aren't a part of the game itself. Such a waste of the medium.

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