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Kingdom Come Deliverance: PC unlimited saves, bow crosshair & unlimited weight mod. Hallelujah!

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Kingdom Come Deliverance was recently released. At first I thought this game would be like Mount and Blade where you choose your own path and do whatever you want while building an army of mercenaries, but nope! It's like Elder Scrolls Skyrim, only with a true to history settings set in Bohemia in 1403 and no magic or fantasy elements, well except the healing potions + other drinks you can make with alchemy. With a surprisingly good story where you are playing as Henry and go through his personal story. I can't spoil what happened during the early parts and what happens afterwards, but it's surprisingly gut wrenching & it makes me want to see what happens next in the story. And as it turns out this game is directed by the same guy that directed Mafia 1 & 2, so damn, this guy knows how to write a personal story right.


The most common issue that this game had is that it definitely requires more patches, because there's quite a lot of bugs to encounter with the npcs having no heads or suddenly appearing out of nowhere in front of you alongside ai issues. Also these


But there's also the issue of the saving mechanics being annoying. Because you have to sleep or wait for a quest to auto save itself, and if you want to save yourself, you have drink a potion called Saviour Schnapps which unfortunately are expensive to buy and quite limited.


Luckily, the modders have saved us once again, by giving unlimited manual save. HUZZAH!!!


To use it, just extract the file into KingdomComeDeliverance/Data folder. 

Get your unlimited save here folks! With this, your saving annoyances is now a thing of the past.:D 


For an extra, if you like a crosshair for your bow, get it right here. Unless you like to shoot without a crosshair.



And finally, here's the obligatory infinite weight limit mod. Because we want to loot as much as we want without limitations damn it!


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