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Recognition with full speech capability.

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With new gen consoles bringing in more world enveloping type games with unique and rich landscapes, diverse characters with new and different personality why havn't developers made so non essential character s can say players names in full conversation?

I mean they made so you can put you're name over the characters name in most open world type games so why can't they take that one step further?

Why is it every other time when a cinematic rolls on and it seems like the other characters a talking to my character do they never say my name?

They re addressing my character yet they don't even refer to me by the name I choose?

Why did they even let me be able to make the name if  none of the CPU's were going to say my name just so only  would know the name of my character?

Seems like a waste and a break of emerssion to me.

I mean it's annoying when they are vocally speaking to me then all the sudden get very quite or they go completely silent as my name comes up in the text only.

I mean I got customize the character and I have it an awesome badass name why not have the characters speak to me like an actual person rather than just some textbox or only speaking to me in till it comes time to say my name.

Know what am mean?

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I'm not convinced that what your suggesting is even really possible right now.  I know you can get text-to-speech software which works fine as an aid for someone who is mute for example.  For this to work as an actual game mechanic it would also have to use the correct inflections, tone of voice, volume and the characters would have to be animated to match.  In effect it has to do the job of a voice actor and an AI just isn't smart enough to do that!  The only other option would be to get the voice actors to record thousands upon thousands of hours dialog for each conceivable name which is far beyond the realms of practicality.

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Yeah, pretty much what crab said. Despite some advances the tech really isn't there, and honestly I'm not sure it's even close.

However, when it is...I fully expect to be able to play a game where player responses are actually voiced by the player and the AI reacts to key words in the player's response! It would be the most awesome and infinitely re-playable RPG EVER!

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