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Well now. God Of War PS4 reviews are out.

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Yep, it's happenin. Like Zelda BOTW, this is the designated GOTY for 2018. Will the game be as great as expected?? Well we're gonna have to play the game ourselves and find out! I mean Zelda BOTW was many people's choice for GOTY last year and got 10s after 10s, but many people, including me, think that although the game is great, it's definitely overhyped. Nier Automata and Horizon Zero Dawn are the second pick for that spot, Nier Automata for me personally. And Uncharted 4 from 2016 does live up to the GOTY place, so it could go either way.


What I figured out from this game's gameplays are these:

1) It's as if this game is Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice in base style in that it's a 1 continuous uninterrupted motion from beginning to the end that doesn't stop, it takes place in Norse mythology, and that it's a third person action game with exploration like Hellblade. And with an expected great plot that drives it. But unlike Hellblade, this game will have open world elements and fast travel, as well as optional dungeons you can go to which has hard as hell boss fights which can't be beaten unless you're upgraded. So that's already a great sign!


2) Kratos isn't an unlikeable cunt anymore that he was in previous God Of War games, which thank God the change was made. I mean he HAVE to at least be nicer after getting his revenge and killing all the Greek Gods. Now he's dealing with Norse mythology, meaning he will meet those guys in the MCU Thor films. My money is that Hela and Loki will be one of the main bad guys in the game.


3) The game's combat will be pretty damn brutal and varied with combos & weapon tricks that you can gain through leveling up, unlike Hellblade which is just the same hack and slash battle from beginning to the end. The upgrade menu does remind me of Shadow of War in the armor upgrade and skills leveling part....... ugh....... but thankfully no stupid microtransactions so everything can be obtained by playing the game and getting materials fairly! And this time you have a son which you can command to help you in battle, and you can upgrade him as well with a lot of useful abilities to help you in combat. It's the perfect parenthood game as reviewers jokingly say. 


4) The boss battles, as expected from this series, will be so damn good, that not even the reviewers are saying anything about them to avoid spoilers. Now I can't wait to beat the crap out of them all! Sure the bosses will not be as gigantic as the bosses from Asura's Wrath, I'll be impressed if one of the bosses will be as big as Wyzen the first boss of that game,

But it'll be awesome.


5) The game will be pretty long, 20+ hours long most likely. I hope there will be new game + to let me be one OP motha fucka!


We'll see how the game actually is once it's released. Until then, be wary of people who will spoil the game.

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I have very high hopes for this game, they have such a great story arch with Kratos I hope they have done it justice once again. I've not been disappointed yet! 

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