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Rita the Fox

Super Monday Night Combat Shutdown a couple of hours ago

4 posts in this topic

Hello! Haven't been in these forums for a while, and last time I did I remember...I used to play a lot of Super Monday Night Combat.

Many people might recognize the name, Joe did a review about the previous game, Monday Night Combat.

Well, I know probably none of you have played or knew this game...but today, a couple of hours ago, the servers were shut down due to the GDPR. It wasn't a surprise to anyone, the game have been sort of dead for a long time. We always had a small, close dedicated community that have played this game and supported it as much as possible, but in the end the game was dead, and the people who were mostly left in the game the most, were of the most toxic players that just drove new players away, and made life harder for us "Veterans" of this game.

I just want to say that, this game was the most Fun I could have ever asked for. I had very lonely years during my teenage years, but a lot of what was loneliness and sadness was filled with fun and joy, when I played this game. I would never get tired of it, i would spend my weekends playing it. I met new people, and everyone in the game got to a point where we knew each other, and were all sort of a family. Every match was like playing with friends. I have great memories of this game, the beginning of my Gamer years, and it was around this time too that I also started being an Angry Joe fan. So, I guess in a way, I'm just writing this out to the community because...I loved this game...so much. I stopped playing for 2 years because...my life got complicated and, the game was all filled with hateful and toxic people. But I never forgot it. And I played it, today, to the very end until the servers were shut down and we were all disconnected. And maybe it's just Nostalgia, but...I haven't had this much fun in years, and to see it just end like that, so suddenly it just...broke my heart. To see something I so much loved, so much cherished, for so much time, ever since i was young, to just be over like that.

I guess...In a way, I'm just dumping my emotions into a post but...At that time, when I was so close to this game, and to this community too...I guess in a dumb way, I feel like it makes sense to share this story.

It probably sounds dumb that I feel so attached to a video game, how sad it must seem to be for me. "Get over it, it's just a video game" "Grow Up". It's not just a videogame for me though...

Sorry for the long Post.

How about you guys, ever had a game you cherished a lot being shut down like that?

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Personally I don't really get attached to games and tend to move onto other things fairly quickly but I've known people or read a lot of articles reflecting on their years or decades playing certain MMOs that had or were about to be closing down and know what they can mean to people.

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Yep, that's what I thought. It's because of the GDPR (recent privacy stuff enforced in Europe). First Loadout, now SMNC.

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I have been fortunate enough to play games that are singleplayer, so I can still play my favorites if I want to!


Although, there are my favorite iPhone games that I couldn’t play anymore that I sorely miss:


Counter Spy

Avengers Initiative

XCom Enemy Unknown

Abyss Attack

Rhythm Thief

Liberation Maiden

Tiny Thief


And so so many more :(


Can’t play them anymore because the iOs updated the iphone softwares, and these game devs don’t update their games to work on the latest iOs. Such a shame.

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