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The Painscreek Killings obscure game review. Murder mystery done awesomely.

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Steam Sales time, and I got this game to tinker around with for only $5. Wow, what an unexpectedly great game!

The Painscreek Killings Free Download

In this game, you're playing as a journalist named Janet Kelly who is tasked with investigating the murder of woman named Vivian Roberts, the wife of the mayor of Painscreek who was found dead in front of her home. You just have to find out 3 simple things:

1) Who killed her

2) What's the murder weapon

3) Take a great photo for the article

You have to explore the town of Painscreek for your answers. Luckily for you, the entire town is deserted completely because everyone moved away after the murder shook the entire town, so you're free to explore the town at your own leisure. You'll discover bits and pieces of what truly happened in this town until you finally reach the ultimate truth, and boy oh boy, what an awesome story this game has. 


The gameplay is actually very 90s adventure esque in that you will search every nook and cranny everywhere to find objects which contains a keycode to unlock a desk/padlock/box, tools to open something & keys to open doors to important people's houses. Unlike Walking Sims nowadays where you just walk all day, you actually have to release your inner detective and solve a lot of puzzles while also go around to different places once you found the necessary item needed to progress to the next step of your investigation. The game doesn't hold your hands, so you have to manually figure out codes to puzzles & where to put keys in their right spots. Ahhhh, the good old days of puzzle solving. You will definitely feel good once you unlock a door in this game as it will most likely lead you towards the next step of your investigation, which initially starts off quite tame, until you found notes belonging to a private detective named Steve Moss that really reveals a lot of cool stuff that turns a simple "find out who murdered this person" plot to "wtf is going on in this town???"


Depending on how much of a puzzle lover you are, you can complete the game in 5 - 7 hours if you want to solve the mystery of this game. Or you can just get out of town by car/ walking if you want to end the game early, in which case you'll be fired, unless you took a blind guess & got the right answer by chance. But that ain't fun am I rite??? The coolest thing is that if you actually managed to find who the true culprit is, the game doesn't just end with "mission complete". Oh hell no. The final section of the game will send chill down your spine. I panicked so hard that I immediately pause the game and have to take a break. I calmed down afterwards but damn, I wasn't expecting that!


The only negative I can say about this game other than once you beat the game you know the whole plot and may not want to play it again is that there's a lot of backtracking just to find different keys required to get new info & enter the next area. For example:


I have to find a key to a glove compartment in a car. To get that key, I have to go to an inn and read a memo inside a room. But to get the key required to enter the room, I have to go to so many different places, enter a sewer to get to the location where the key is, find the key in a morgue, get inside the room which has a memo that tells me the code to the police station desk, which finally give me the key to the glove compartment. This happens surprisingly often with other stuff. I'm having fun doing it though because each progress I made rewards me with more info on the plot of the game.


Get this game right now while it's $5 on Steam sale, if you're a fan of mystery games and don't mind a lot of backtracking that is. It's a great detective game that makes you do actual detective work, with a great plot to cap it all off & a satisfying end at the end of it all, even if it's quite depressing. I give this game my rating of "so damn good that it released the inner Sherlock Holmes within me."


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