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DId anyone ever play...

55 posts in this topic

Two games which come to mind are both on the PS3 - Eat Lead and  the other  Alpha Protocol (Which I got before Joe's review of it.). The 1st being a parody on the computer game industry where our hero is a former video game star of the 8bit generation brought out of retirement to star in a new generation Video game Only to find himself Trapped in the new game and your character must escape to foil the plans of the evil  CEO Of the company who's hired you. Its a parody which makes refrence to the likes of DOOM,Duke Nukem, Mario,Lord of the rings and others inc. S.O.C.O.M or in this game  as S.O.A.K.E.M and certain Japanese Text based combat games all of which is fun

And It that Brings us to Alph Protocol Definately a good concept when originally thought up and is playable but does have some very annoying flaws which includes the Russian Tycoon  whiz-kid who loves his speed habit and the Kill ratio factor it take to kill an enemy inthe game which can and is frustrating at times. So If you look up youtube and find Joe's Angry review of Alpha protocl you'll see what I mean. It's a spy/ espionage game that intrested me but I got BEFORE I came across the Angry review of it. So I'm Still plodding thruogh it and yes it's also helping  I'm paitiently taking my time to complete it. :)

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Nier. I haven't beaten it yet but what I've played so far has been really good.

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KUF Circle of Doom, dont know anyone who played it. Pretty decent hack and slash, nothing briliant but still had quite a bit of fun with it

Too Human, even though the execution wasn't perfect I had a rather good time with this game, it offered quite a challenge

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