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EVO's fighting game character announcements: wtf are these???

3 posts in this topic

So Evo 2018 is finally coming to a close. Lots of fighting game players eliminated, a lot of salt, a lot of upsets & a lot of hype as hell moments. And also a couple of fighting game announcements for the future.


Last year we got Tekken 7's Geese as the best announcement ever. Tekken became Godlike when he's in it.


This year we got the DLCs for upcoming games that are expected to come, like Cooler + Base Goku + Base Vegeta,

 The other plethora of characters for Blazblue Cross Tag


The rest of the teased characters coming to Fighting EX Layer + Terry Bogard

Which btw isn't the only game with Terry as an announcement


Astaroth and Seong Mi-Na for Soul Calibur 6, which is to be expected

Waiting for Raphael, Cassandra, Cervantes and Yun-seong to show up.....


And the other 2 characters coming for Street Fighter 5


G can't be more like Uncle Sam even if he tried, and Sagat is just fucking awesome. AND THEY'RE OUT TOMORROW! HOLY SHIET I'M GONNA GET SAGAT!!


But the most unexpected announcements this year are definitely these:




Ok...... why is Terry in SNK Heroines gender bent?? And why just him?? Remember that ALL the guys in SVC Chaos got gender bent too by Demitri

BTW love the fact that everyone who doesn't have upper shirts suddenly got one & Mai suddenly got a kimono to cover her cleavage. :D 

This is official: Terry's got his harem as the lone dude in the game. That should have been me damn it!


Nonononono I don't want to turn into a girl to be with them! 


Ahem, moving on....


NEGAN??? WTF??? Is this Walking Dead's way to boost their ratings after knowing full well that their show is becoming worse and worse with every new season?? Because that's just sad, though intriguing. Why him though?? Why not Wesker or Chris, or Leon? Or any of the girls from Resident Evil/ Biohazard??? They're much better fits!

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If my tea-sipping, ass whooping goddess of gymnastics and sass gets more outfits I'll pay whatever price Namco wants...8F001FEC1B58C8921E140EEEB3062BA74981F413

But as for the other stuff -- well I'm no fan of SNK or Street Fighter but I've been waiting anxiously for SCVI since they shat out that turd SCV which stripped away the story, single player modes and bonus content that had been staples of the franchise for years in exchange for focusing on two bland uninteresting characters we're literally introduced to in the same game, so I'm hoping they return to the original formula with the next one. Honestly I'm looking forward to playing Seong Mi-Na again... assuming she still has her "most powerful move" of course...


And it was always funny trolling people with Astaroth by using his OP moves to just ring them out over and over again lol...

Oh and I would say that seeing Negan in Tekken 7 will be weird except... WTF IS THIS HE'S IN A DISH TV AD WATCHING THE SHOW HE'S IN!?

Maybe Negan is a timelord...

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If my tea-sipping, ass whooping goddess of gymnastics and sass gets more outfits I'll pay whatever price Namco wants..


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