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DOOM Eternal has shown itself. It is sublime

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What's better than Doomguy in DOOM? How about a faster, more loaded and bloodier Doomguy, fighting more demons on places other than Mars. Holy shiet take a look at this guy's new tricks:

wrist blade, auto shotgun, rocket launcher, shoulder weapon, grappling hook, the classic plasma gun, apparently he learned how to do air dashes, and that sword thing from DOOM's ending can finally be used. OMG THIS GAME IS GONNA BE FUCKING AWESOME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAMEGIVE ME THIS GAME GIVE ME THIS GAME


Oh yeah and Rage 2 also has a gameplay trailer



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I was honestly left with mixed feelings following the reveal. The game does look absolutely fine for the most part, but I'm not a huge fan of some of the enemy designs. They looked too much like the originals in 3D model form, which some people understandably find great, but I'm not part of that demographic. And the new new enemies looked out of place - they'd be more at home in a Quake game than a Doom one as far as I'm concerned. I'm also worried about the lives system - my only hope is that it's in a game mode of its own and not the main campaign.

Other than that, I'm convinced enough to want to give it a spin at the very least. But I do doubt I'll enjoy DOOM Eternal as much as its predecessor.

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