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Nintendo being behind.

5 posts in this topic

Is... That... It? No explanation of your view, no details on whare you feel the problems are, no ideas on how it can get better. This is just quite literal "Here's my view on thing, now tell my you agree." Not to mention that "Nintendo being behind" is very vague on its own and debatable. 


My advice would be to edit the post to expand and explain the your point, otherwise this isn't worth much of anything frankly. 

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I feel that they are starting to improve in some areas.  If I talk were to talk to my past self from 2 or 3 years ago and tell him that Nintendo were open to cross-platform play and Sony weren't he'd call total bullshit and declare I was obviously mental.


That being said, the main area where they are still backwards as all hell is getting so ban happy on fan made games and remakes.  The best thing to do would be to work with them or at the very least just leave them alone.  Just because you can, legally DMCA someone doesn't mean you should.

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