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At last. The fabled Cyberpunk 2077 demo that I heard so much about has finally been revealed to the public! 

And...... huh..... it's pretty much Syndicate + Watch Dogs + RAGE + Witcher 3 + Deus Ex.........










WHICH IS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!! I mean you got the excellent wicked weapons + gunplay of Syndicate, not the old game but the 2012 remake like so:

mixed in with the remote hacking of Watch Dogs, RAGE's esque enemy designs + dilapidated rooms + driving except that drive by which is rail shooter esque, Witcher 3's excellent open world + dialogue choices which I definitely believe will open up SOOOO many possibilities for multiple playthroughs, and Deus Ex's cyberpunk setting + RPG mechanics. This game is the mix of everything good in games before mixed into one.


Good to see that the first person view is this immersive and there's actually cutscene moments of you being able to see your playable character just doing his/her thing, which makes the complaint I heard that there's no third person mode = hesitation gone in an instant. Now my need to get this game RIGHT NOW is finally settled since I know what I'm going to expect, and I can't wait for the official release date of this game so I can do...... ohohoho do SO many things in this game! :) 

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As they made clear the game is still in early stage so many things will still change during development. It was great to finally see some gameplay although I have to say I'm not very hyped at the moment and the demo left me think if I should buy the game at all. There are some aspects like FPS, car chasing, time slow down which all still looked pretty shallow, boring and "bad" to me.

But as said, there is still a long way to go and it will be interesting to see how the game will change before the release. Iterations, iterations and more iterations.

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