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WoW: BfA so far

2 posts in this topic

First ill formely introduce my self, i have been a member of ajsa for a few years now, though havent been really active for a while.
I started a youtube channel of my own two years ago to help support games like space engineers. I am an 11 year veteran account for
world of warcraft.

Battle for Azeroth is a sever love hate relationship right now. The questing and story telling have improved a bit and as always the art work is
good as well as the music score. Pve seems to be doing ok but it appears to have a lack luster to it. Nothing real challenging in this catagory
right now but could improve later. The main area the expansion falls apart is Warmode or blizzards new version of world pvp. The apparent 
difference in active horde players vs alliance players has recently caused a snow ball effect that has rendered alliance participation almost mute.

People aren't opting into this mode cause they feel like lambs to the slaughter as there are situations as bad as 10 horde players to every alliance
player in a shard with this mode activated. When asking for help from blizz in the forums these players are constantly bombarded with retaletory
posts from horde players and other alliance players to "Git Gud", form a group, or turn it off. seeing as shard balancing issues are the root of the
problem getting active groups is either doesn't happen or moves the player into a different shard thus disabling the ability to retaliate against the
people that attacked them. Frusturated alliance players are opting to turn this mode off to avoid all the greviance and horde players are starting
to complain that there are no alliance in wpvp.

I do intend to do a official video on this as a review, i know joe posted an other review video on bfa recently, ill have to go watch that.

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i meant to put this in pc gaming, if a mod could move it plz lol srry:rolleyes:

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