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Microsoft Removes ability to view XBOX 360 digital game purchases on their XBOX.com website

1 post in this topic

Hello, I am a big fan of Joe Vargas and his channel. I highly value his opinion and respect his way of standing up to bullshit policies that some game companies try to get away with.

Recently I have noticed that Microsoft no longer allows us to see our purchased digital XBOX 360 games listed on their XBOX.com website. (my games section)

As a collector (both disks and digital games) this concerns me greatly, as it makes me wonder if Microsoft plans to stop allowing those purchased digital games to be playable down the road. Regadless it seems like someone in their website department thinks those 360 games are less important to let people see them, even though good money and time was spent to attain them all. It makes no sense to take away this method to easily see the purchase history in a nice visual format.

I wanted to bring this to your attention and am hoping the Angry Army can question Microsoft more directly on this matter. I have spoken with customer support to have this looked into, but all they could tell me is that it was an official decision made to remove xbox 360 games visual listing from their website.

I feel this is bullshit, as Playstation freely allows people to see all of their digital purchases, even for PS3 that are not even backwards compatible.

Thank your for reading my rant. :-)

Adam Will

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