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Should I sell my Xbox One S?

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Hello, I don't use this forum much but I am just asking for an opinion. Last year I got an Xbox One S mainly for the 4k Bluray player and also to play games upscaled to 4k and in HDR as a bonus. On top of that I have a PS4 which is my main video game system and a Switch for my Zelda and Smash Bros fix. However later on I got a 4k Bluray player as a gift. It plays all of my 4k movies flawlessly with the added support to my home theater sound system, something I couldn't get to work on my Xbox. I rarely use it, and I later found out that games on PS4 not only look perfectly fine in 1080p, but also have HDR, making games like Detroit : Become Human, and Spiderman, all games exclusive on PS4, look absolutely stunning on my 55" Hisense 4k TV. With new games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed Odyssey, and Fallout 76, should I get them on Xbox One S? Or should I just sell it to Gamestop or something and get them on PS4?

Thanks for anyone who responds.

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Sell that thing, unless you really want to play Halo or you don’t have a gaming PC. The only exclusive game coming for Xbox One is Halo, while the rest like Gears, Forza, Dead Rising 4, Cuphead, Ori and such can be bought on PC. 


To be honest, Xbox One is pretty much a complete waste since it has no exclusives except Halo, while the PS4 has everything from Spiderman, God of War, Uncharted 4, Detroit and the Yakuza series. Back in the Xbox 360 PS3 days, both consoles has their own exclusives. Now pretty much every great games are on PS4 and Switch while Xbox One is just playing second best. Just get the upcoming games on PS4 or PC.

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I'd sell it. I have an Xbox One as well after my friend bought me one when I told him not to. If you own a PS4 or a gaming PC and you don't have friends you want to play with that stick with the One then I see no reason to keep it.

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I think as one DJ Jazzy Jeff would say... "MAN YOU LOADED!"


But for real, speaking as someone who still plays old N64 carts and PSP games when there aren't any new games out I'm really interested in I'd say keep it if you're interested in any exclusives and more importantly want to grow attached to it with time to the point where you eventually won't be able to throw it away because doing so will leave a lasting scar on your heart that will never heal even if you buy another one in the exact same platinum color because it's... it's just not the same.


So, yeah if you really don't want/need it it's probably best to sell it sooner rather than later.

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