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Joe should make a video about Diablo Immortal on Blizzcon controversy

4 posts in this topic

Every Blizzard fan that was waiting on Blizzcon got extremely disappointed by the lack of understanding from Blizzard for their own fans.

Blizzard is essentially a PC game company that recently started making multi-platform games, but the kind of fan that would pay a ticket for a convention, and even flight tickets, has to be really hardcore and definitely is not even in the slightest the kind of fan that would not be outraged by the strategy of moving an IP to mobile gaming.

This is much more than just a simple rant about a game or not having any meaningful information from Diablo in a convention. This is a symbol of how the mobile gaming industry and its multi-billion-dollar revenue built on simple tiny investments for money-grab dumbed-down concealed slot-machines disguised as games is stealing attention from great gaming companies. Today, mobile gaming alone has a bigger revenue than all the PC and Console gaming industry combined and it growns ten times their growth.

Corporate Commander seemed to be the bad guy after all, but he was just making a diversion while the true villain was building power enough to be the final boss.

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Blizzard is essentially a PC game company that recently started making multi-platform games

If you ignore the The Lost Vikings, Diablo, Warcraft 2, and Starcraft.

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13 hours ago, Legolas_Katarn said:

If you ignore the The Lost Vikings, Diablo, Warcraft 2, and Starcraft.

Yeah, I first discovered Starcraft on N64 so I can definitely confirm this.

On topic though, while I definitely fall into the "Diablo probably shouldn't go mobile" camp I'm not really sure what you can do to convince Blizzard that they shouldn't do it considering https://www.techspot.com/news/73230-over-half-activision-blizzard-716-billion-yearly-revenue.html and that article came out back in February; long before the Diablo: Immortal announcement, so I was already expecting this considering...Screenshot_2018-11-10 Over half of Activision Blizzard's $7 16 billion yearly revenue came from microtransactions.png

And since Hearthstone was released based on the success of their most popular franchise, a mobile release for Diablo was kind of inevitable.


...Of course since they aren't even finished developing the game yet I can't really judge for myself whether it's going to be as bad as people are already saying it is, so for now I'll just bottle up my rage and wait until the proper time to release it upon the public -- much like Elder Scrolls VI: Barren Mountain (And yes I'm still making that joke :D)

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On 11/9/2018 at 11:12 PM, Legolas_Katarn said:

If you ignore the The Lost Vikings, Diablo, Warcraft 2, and Starcraft.

OK, if you count the first games especially at the times of Silicon and Synapse, there are some console games. But, as far as I know, Diablo, Warcraft 2 and Starcraft console ports were third-party ports, not Blizzard's internal projects.


But I think we can all agree that what really made Blizzard the company it is today is the success of its PC games, especially Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo and WoW.


And my point is not that it SHOULDN'T develop mobile games. I know mobile games are far simpler to develop and make a huge ton of revenue, but the case is that this revenue DOES NOT undermine the PC and Console gaming revenue (all the industries are growing, but mobile is growing faster), a hardcore PC gamer won't stop being a PC gamer to play mobile games and I have yet to see any hardcore console player prefer playing on his phone than playing his console of choice. Hell, I even find it difficult (but not impossible) to see hardcore xbox/ps4 gamers think about playing the other console!


But yet Blizzard takes a convention in which only the most hardcore gamers choose to go or to pay for virtual tickets to follow and announce a mobile game for this audience. And all official communication after that tries to make people accept that many of their employees as gamers are MOVING AWAY to mobile games. That is the most dangerous statement, to think that the rise of mobile gaming is taking away the triple-A market when it isn't. It is just a more profitable industry because it fakes gambling into nice animated façades and if they succeed to drive people away from consoles and PC, probably all that will be left for us are indies.


It would be perfectly fine to announce Diablo Immortal as a side-project with a video outside of Blizzcon. But announcing only that for an audience that clearly is not the targeted just confirms even more that Blizzard is not only trying to explore the mobile market, it is trying to shift away its fans towards it.

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