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This Week In Gaming 11-13-18

1 post in this topic



Obsidian and inXile join Microsoft, Final Fantasy 15 DLC cancelled and director leaves Square, Prima Games shuts down after three decades, AI and Games on how AI is designed in war games and discusses how their use and depictions can be framed in a way that can enrich cultural understanding of real world conflicts, Mark Brown on how Nintendo abandons its disabled fans, Rob Dwiar on the realism of post-apocalyptic landscapes, Jordyn Lukomski on Social Commentaries in Forgotten Anne, Aron Garst talks with developers from around the world about how they deal with crunch, Julie Muncy on Swery's The Missing being an argument for why painful and violent stories about queer existence matter, Psych of Play discusses a study about amnesiacs who can’t form new memories but how they dreamed of Tetris Effect hours and days after playing it, and more.


Gaming News (Announcements, previews, release dates, interviews and writing on upcoming games, DLC and game updates, company and developer news, country news, tech, mods)


IndieWatch: Top 10 Anticipated Indies of Day of the Devs 2018


This is the second year for Day of the Devs, one of my favorite indie events of the year. I can’t wait to go and enjoy the 70 (!!) unreleased indies and share as much about it as I can with you. Today’s video features just 10 of those 70 titles that I’m most excited to try out for the first time in no particular order. THIS WAS SO TOUGH! ARGH! Okay, let’s get into the list


Pokémon: Let’s Go! unites the original trainer trio for the first time


Red and Blue are joined by Green, and they’re ready to fight


The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince launches February 12, 2019 in North America and Europe


The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince will launch for PlayStation 4 and Switch on February 12, 2019 in North America and Europe, publisher NIS America announced.


Kingdom Two Crowns launches December 11


Kingdom Two Crowns will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on December 11, publisher Raw Fury announced.


Nintendo to remove racist Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Game & Watch imagery



A Japanese livestream hosted after the Nintendo Direct showcased Mr. Game & Watch, the throwback fighter who draws on Nintendo’s early portable game history, using an attack where he dons a feather and torches his enemies. The silhouette comes from a 1982 Game & Watch handheld, Fire Attack, where players are a cowboy warding off Native Americans that set fire to his fort. When Nintendo included Fire Attack in the Game Boy Advance compilation Game & Watch Gallery 4, however, it removed the feathers and headdresses from the Native American-themed characters.


Fallout 76 beta can’t be uninstalled unless bought



The Fallout 76 beta period has ended and PC players have encountered some issues when trying to remove the game.


Watch a gorgeous trailer for Cloudpunk, a game about a courier in the clouds


The narrative exploration-adventure about a futuristic delivery driver is coming next year.


The trailer for steampunk survival game Volcanoids shows off brassy mobile bases


Volcanoids is due to tunnel into Steam Early Access in January.


How Blizzard Hopes To Renew Interest In The RTS With Warcraft III: Reforged


In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Warcraft III: Reforged lead environment artist Dave Berggren, lead producer Pete Stilwell, and lead designer Matt Morris talk about bringing fans of World of Warcraft back into the groove of playing some of Blizzard's best RTS games from the past.


Diablo Immortal Is Just One of Several Mobile Games in Development at Blizzard



"In terms of Blizzard's approach to mobile gaming, many of us over the last few years have shifted from playing primarily desktop to playing many hours on mobile, and we have many of our best developers now working on new mobile titles across all of our IPs," Adham said. "Some of them are with external partners, like Diablo Immortal. Many of them are being developed internally only, and we'll have information to share on those in the future. I will say also that we have more new products in development today at Blizzard than we've ever had in our history and our future is very bright."

Blizzard acknowledges the mobile reality


This is the crux. Blizzard could absolutely have hand-waved away Diablo Immortal as a low-profile, unimportant announcement, essentially sticking to the line many major developers have used in the past decade that implies mobile development to be a coincidental side hustle, something to be gestured toward between announcements of 'real' games. This, however, would have been commercially incompetent.


Phoenix Point’s geoscape is as dark and full of terrors as its battles



You can tell a lot about an XCOM-like from its geoscape. Firaxis rendered Planet Earth in oceanic blue for Enemy Unknown, shimmering and hopeful, much like the mercenary story at its heart.


EVE Online Spinoff Shooter Will Be More 'Tactical,' Less 'Run-And-Gun'


The upcoming shooter from CCP Games, code name Project Nova, was finally shared with fans during an annual EVE Online convention last month. Nova, set in the same universe as EVE, is still in early alpha, and shows a bit of promise. Kotaku was given the chance to sit down and play Project Nova at the show.


Battle Princess Madelyn, which was co-designed by a 7-year-old, will be out soon



The old-fashioned platformer with a very young creative director finally has a release date.


Desert Child launches December 11


Explore a pixel-at solar system to a low-fi hip-hop soundtrack.


Void Bastards Announcement Trailer


A revolutionary new kind of strategy shooter inspired by BioShock and System Shock 2. Can you lead the misfit prisoners of the Void Ark through the derelict spaceships and myriad dangers of the Sargasso Nebula? Will you make the right choices about what to do, where to go and when to fight? Master combat, manage ship controls, scavenge supplies, craft improvised tools and much more.


Crackdown 3 dated for mid-February 2019


New trailer shows off destruction-focused multiplayer mode Wrecking Zone


Just Cause 4 Cinematic Trailer - X018


Jump Force Trailer Shows Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Golden Frieza - X018


The latest trailer for Jump Force from X018.


Falcom Has Several Console Games In The Works Including A New Ys To Release By September 2019



Falcom revealed in its latest financial results briefing that the new Ys game that is in development along with several other console games will release by September 2019.


Final Fantasy 15 DLC Canceled, Director Hajime Tabata Leaves; Square Enix Posts $33 Million Loss



In an unexpected announcement today, Square Enix announced the cancellation of three of the four planned Final Fantasy XV episode expansion packs and also confirmed that game director Hajime Tabata has left the company. Tabata's last day at Square Enix was October 31.


Spider-Man PS4 New DLC Release Date Revealed


We now know the release date for Spider-Man PS4's second DLC episode, "Turf Wars," thanks to an in-game menu notification.


Vermintide 2 returning to Ubersreik in next DLC


The next DLC for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 will call back to the first game, revisiting and reworking three of the cooperative FPS’s most popular levels. Back To Ubersreik is its name, and making three old levels “Bigger, better, and crazier!” is its game, according to developers Fatshark. They’ve only confirmed one level so far, the game-opening Horn Of Magnus where our four ratsmashers have to blow a big ol’ horn to warn everyone: rats, oh god rats.


First details for Rainbow Six Siege's next two operators revealed


Kaid can deploy an electrifying gadget, while Nomad fires some kind of shockwave bombs.


Dead Cells testing custom games and major feature overhauls in alpha branch



The huge update will remain in alpha "for quite some time".


Crusader Kings 2: Holy Fury can randomly generate a world of talking animals


Crusader Kings 2 has always played fast and loose with historical accuracy, but the random world generator in its next expansion, Holy Fury (due tomorrow) lets Paradox really get wild. Covered over on PC Gamer by the familiar-sounding Fraser Brown, poking around in the world generation settings can reveal the hidden ‘Animal Kingdom’ option. It replaces most (if not all) humans with talking animals great, small and mythological. Elephant empires, dragon duchies and cat caliphates, oh my. Check out a feature roundup and a YouTuber’s peek at this mode below.


Sea of Thieves announces a new, fast paced PvP mode



It’s not a Battle Royale, but it is a... Boatle Row-yale?


A Special Announcement from Obsidian Entertainment


A note from all of us here at Obsidian on becoming a part of the Microsoft family.

InXile joining the Microsoft family


Could not be happier to continue bringing you RPGs for many years to come!


Xbox boss admits Microsoft has 'a ton of work' to do on the Windows Store



The Windows Store was the one constant in our summertime chat about playing games that aren't available on Steam. Terms including "pain in the ass," "abomination," "terrible," and "a lone trash fire in this landscape of things which are broadly fine and broadly functional" were all used to describe the platform and the experience of using it. As reported by The Verge, Xbox chief Phil Spencer acknowledged at the recent XO18 event that the storefront does still have a few issues, but said he's going to get more personally involved in making it better.


Activision Blizzard Explains Why It’s Giving Away ‘Destiny 2’



“Destiny 2” active players grew over the past quarter thanks to the release of expansion Forsaken, but Activision Blizzard still isn’t happy with its sales, so it decided to give the game away for two weeks, the company’s COO and president told analysts during an earnings call this week.


YouTube backtracks ban on YouTuber who assaulted Red Dead suffragette


However, the BBC claims the original deletion was decided upon by multiple YouTube employees and was only overturned when the gaming team stepped in.


Prima Games shuts down after three decades of strategy guides



If you played games in the days before easy access to online walkthroughs, the name ‘Prima’ may hold a special place in your heart. Prima Games was one of the largest of game guide books over the course of its three decade history, but the inevitable march of time has brought us to today’s sad truth: as of next year, Prima will be no more.


The man behind a spree of gaming network cyberattacks has pleaded guilty



A man who helped orchestrate attacks on several gaming platforms, then abruptly disappeared in 2014, pleaded guilty in a California court yesterday. Utah resident Austin Thompson admitted to being a member of the hacking group DerpTrolling, which carried out a series of high-profile denial-of-service attacks in late 2013 as part of a campaign against Twitch streamer James “Phantoml0rd” Varga. Thompson was charged with causing “damage to a protected computer,” which carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison; he will be sentenced in March 2019.


The Good Times Are Over for Japan’s Loot-Box-Style Gaming Bonanza



Getting players to pay real-world money for digital items has become de rigueur for most mobile game makers, but in Japan it’s something like an art. Over the past decade, fighting and puzzle games with titles such as Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragons haven’t just made Candy Crush Saga look like a piker—they’ve ranked among the most lucrative digital products on Earth. The creators of Monster Strike and Puzzle & Dragons, Mixi Inc. and GungHo Online Entertainment Inc., respectively, are among the game makers specializing in gacha, a form of not-quite-gambling in which players pay for a mystery in-game prize, typically a special weapon or character outfit. Japanese gacha games have generated at least $55 billion since 2007, according to industry association Mobile Content Forum (MCF) and an analysis of data compiled by Bloomberg.


Esports News


Watch 16 Dota 2 teams battle it out in the Kuala Lumpur Major



The road to The International 2019 continues.


Flashy Player Intros And Wild Comebacks At Red Bull's Street Fighter V Invitational



Red Bull Kumite, which started with Street Fighter IV in 2015 before transitioning to Street Fighter V in 2016, often serves as a summation of the year’s competition. The event invites some of the most accomplished players in the world to compete in Paris, France, and also gives additional challengers the chance to earn a spot through last-chance qualifiers. This year’s installment was no different, combining high production values with intense Street Fighter matches to create the best of both worlds.


Blizzard accused of blackface on South Korean Overwatch stream



“What happened on the official Korean stream was inappropriate and clearly not in keeping with the global spirit of Overwatch,” a Blizzard representative told Dot Esports. “We apologize for the insensitivity, and we are taking measures to ensure that everyone involved in official broadcasts in the region is better aware of the offensive nature of blackface makeup around the world.”


Valve Condemns Dota 2 Pros Making Racist Remarks But Calls On Teams To Regulate Themselves


Following a series of offensive remarks made by professional Dota 2 players recently, the game’s creator Valve has published a blog post condemning the behavior. In keeping with the company’s traditional approach of remaining mostly hands-off, however, it leaves the responsibility for sanctioning players strictly with teams, and didn’t offer any clear guidelines about how they should do so.

Valve rewards man $20,000 for discovering unlimited free game codes bug


Bug allowed anyone with developer portal account to generate thousands of free codes for any game


Content I found interesting this week (interviews, recommendations, think pieces, history, music, culture, design, art, documentaries, criticism, etc)


Riot Lawsuit


Warframe Fans Ask Developers To Avoid Crunch



This year, game players have learned many uncomfortable truths about video game crunch. If what happened on the Warframe subreddit in the runup to the increasingly MMO-ish co-op shooter’s latest expansion is any indication, we’re starting to see players push developers to take better care of themselves, even if that means slower game releases.

We Asked Eight Studios From Across The World How They Deal with Crunch



While development is a slightly different beast throughout the world, crunch plagues developers regardless of nationality or culture.


Chatting immersive sims, Underworld Ascendant, and communicating options with Warren Spector and Otherside Entertainment



When Warren Spector was creating the original Deus Ex, Arkane’s studio head Harvey Smith – who was a lead designer on Deus Ex at Ion Storm at the time – had to convince Spector to cut large portions from his vision.


In search of real criticism



For the past year, when I speak at conventions, I’ve been asking gamers, and game devs, what a critic does. The only answer I’ve received is that a critic tells you whether a game is good or bad. Or, worse, that a critic tells you whether to buy a game. Given the corporate entanglements between game companies and many review sites, that last bit is especially chilling. I die a bit inside, sitting here with a literary criticism degree, every time I hear that.


The Case Of The Disappearing Nancy Drew Video Games



On March 25, 2015, the weather in Bellevue, Washington was just warming up enough to play hacky sack, a favorite activity of the employees at the game development studio Her Interactive. That morning, they had something more pressing to think about, though: they couldn’t log into their computers. Server problems, some reasoned. They were confused, yet calm. “But Penny [Milliken, CEO] had booked the conference room downstairs, and there was an HR person we’d never seen there before,” said an employee who was there. “One person went down at a time, and every time they came back up, they’d start packing up their boxes.” At the end of the day, 13 employees—over half the company—no longer had jobs.


How a book binds the Return of the Obra Dinn



Towards the end of Return of the Obra Dinn’s four-and-a-half years in development, Lucas Pope had a friend come over to playtest it. He sat him down, explained how it’s a firstperson mystery game in which you discover the fate of the Obra Dinn, a merchant ship lost on its voyage into the Orient. Then he gave him the controls. “He played for a bit and his response was, ‘This game is about the book’.”


How realistic are the post-apocalyptic landscapes of video games?



Barren wastelands. Decrepit and abandoned towns. Desolate landscapes ravaged by time and trauma. Recognisable landmarks slowly but surely reclaimed by nature after our demise. Games have consistently embraced the post-apocalyptic setting. It invites excitement, apprehension and a deep curiosity, and plays on the thought-provoking hypothetical, the 'what if?'. And when these post-apocalyptic environments and landscapes are incredibly detailed, they can result in great efficacy and power.


Nintendo’s New Games Are Miserable for People With Disabilities



It’s an unspoken downside of innovation: Sometimes a push into new technology can leave certain people behind. Ideas like virtual reality, touchscreens, and 3D television might promise new experiences for most of us. But for people with disabilities, they can mean motion sickness, muscle pain, or worse.


How to design for coziness...and kindness



Alongside the panel, GamesIndustry.biz caught up with a few of the panelists after the fact to discuss cozy game design further. Throughout both the panel and these discussions, a common thread that kept coming up was the correlation between "cozy" games and "kind" games - games that are kind to the player, and that make them feel kind.


Postmortem: You Are Jeff Bezos



The game started as a joke, and it probably should’ve remained that way, but people made the mistake of encouraging me. I wrote it in four days. Bezos’ money is measured as liquid currency rather than assets, because I didn’t want to take the time to model anything more complex. I threw together the “cover image” used for its store page in about two minutes, using standard fonts and a Creative Commons logo. It has no business standing alongside all these polished and beautiful games on the itch.io storefront.

I might’ve expected like five people to play it. But here we are. 110,000 views, write-ups on Vice and Newsweek, and a humbling number of donations later, I’m forced to admit I may have hit upon something. I’ve heard from educators who showed the game to their students. It’s apparently the “best modern agitprop” someone’s ever seen and more than one player called it “one of the best horror games ever made.” Friends praised it as socialist praxis. Also someone drew fanart??

The Uplifting Agitprop of You Are Jeff Bezos


The best thing about the game You Are Jeff Bezos is that you’re not actually Jeff Bezos, and that’s a magnificent mercy. The worst thing about You Are Jeff Bezos is that you do not, in fact, get to bankrupt Bezos after all.





Surmounting her paralyzing anxiety proves every built as difficult as the mountain itself, and through her quest, developer Matt Makes Games depicts some of the most painfully realistic anxiety attacks I’ve ever seen. So I was shocked when I discovered lead developer Matt Thorson, in an interview with Kotaku, revealed his team never tapped mental health professionals to help them portray Madeline’s illness.


Social Commentaries in Forgotten Anne



Like many people, when I first started playing Forgotten Anne it felt like I was playing inside of a Studio Ghibli film. The game is a cinematic adventure platformer that contains beautifully illustrated graphics, amazing and adaptive choregraphed music and seamless animations. At many times it looks and feels like you are playing a movie. Also much like a Studio Ghibli film, the game contains an abundance of allegories, metaphors, and themes, both overt and subtle. These commentaries are socially, politically, and environmentally charged and extremely relevant.


'Red Dead Redemption 2' Is a Game of Big Mistakes and Little Victories



It's the word I keep returning to as I play Red Dead Redemption 2. Because more than anything else, it succeeds because of the massive expenditure of human resources lavished on it. There was a cost to making Red Dead Redemption 2 into a great game, one largely paid by the people who worked on it.

It’s not that the game justifies the excessive cost. It’s that the excesses justify the game. Arthur Morgan pushing branches out of his face as he slowly rides his horse through a pine grove. Each labored step he takes as he shuffles through the snow. The play of light on a lake as a spring storm blows in from the mountains. All the tiny details that make you feel that these people—particularly this awkward, slow, and patient man that you only sort-of control—are real and alive in this beautiful and frequently heartbreaking world.


This queer horror game forces you to literally tear yourself apart



The Missing is an argument for why brutal, violent stories about queer existence matter


How a Chinese-only life sim climbed the Steam charts by channeling the stress of childhood



One of the most prevalent stereotypes of Chinese parenting is the “tiger mom:”a high-intensity, authoritarian approach to parenting that, as I can attest, is a pretty common facet of growing up in a Chinese household. Academic excellence is a matter of dire importance. Leisure activities are regarded as frivolous affairs, often disapproved of in favor of loftier pursuits like supplementary classes. Gaming with Dad or Mum? Catching a movie together? Heading out for a family picnic? These hardly happen, really.


Battlefield 1 players stop shooting each other to commemorate Armistice Day


In commemoration of the end of World War I, Battlefield 1 players stopped shooting each other on the 11th hour on Armistice Day.


Games as Lit. 101 - Literary Analysis: The World Ends With You (Part 2 - Mechanics as Metaphor)


The World Ends With You is packed with game design that reinforces the messages of its story. Let's take a look into how that works.

Enjoy the series? Support it on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/gamesaslit101


Spyro Reignited: The Story of Rockstar Composer Stewart Copeland


Stewart Copeland’s first big claim to fame was as the drummer in the Sting-fronted ‘80s rock band, The Police.


Disposable Heroes: Designing AI Characters for War Games | Design Dive


As the 100th armistice day looms, I figured what better time to raise this difficult topic. Design Dive is back with a new episode looking at how we employ non-player characters in games based on real-world conflict.



Spider-Man's Animation: The Zip To Point - New Frame Plus


What makes Spider-Man's swinging animation look and feel so great? Let's dig into just one move and break down what makes it so effective.


Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 30th Anniversary History Guides From Japan - It's All In Books - GTV


GTV 68 "Sega Genesis / Mega Drive 30th Anniversary History Guides" The 16-bit Sega game machine debuted on October 29, 1988, what was it like to be a Sega fan in Japan?


Critical Path Interviews


Things I found entertaining throughout the week relating to the game industry


Ranking all 200+ Mega Man robots from most to least useful | Unraveled, Ep. 3


The Mega Man robot masters were helpful before they became evil. But just how helpful were they? Brian David Gilbert locks himself in a studio to rank which ones were useful enough to be worth the risk of a robot uprising.


Things I Missed From Previous Weeks


Ten Great Adventure-Game Puzzles



It’s not overly difficult to generalize what makes for fair or merely “good” puzzles. They should be reasonably soluble by any reasonably intelligent, careful player, without having to fall back on the tedium of brute-forcing them or the pointlessness of playing from a walkthrough. As such, the craft of making merely good or fair puzzles is largely subsumed in lists of what not to do — yes, yet more negative reinforcements! — such as Graham Nelson’s “Bill of Player’s Rights” or Ron Gilbert’s “Why Adventure Games Suck and What We Can Do About It.” It’s much more difficult, however, to explain what makes a brilliant, magical puzzle. In any creative discipline, rules will only get you so far; at some point, codification must make way for the ineffable. Still, we’ll do the best we can today, and see if we can’t tease some design lessons out of ten corking puzzles from adventure games of yore.


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