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My first time playing Fallout 3 - F76 :(

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First I would like to start by introducing myself.  I am Bamboe, a member of the AJSA since 2015 gaming primarily with the xbox community.  I am writing this mainly to share my experience with a game a loved.  TBH I'm disappointed to hear about Fallout 76 flopping (for full disclosure I haven't played any of the betas or anything).  Frankly I felt that Fallout 4 missed the mark.  That said IMO Fallout 3 is a great game.  Perhaps not technically, or aesthetically but it captured my imagination.  It let me role play my character in a world with modern themes that made my decision and game actions mean more to me.  The depth in the dialogue system was great for echoing that. 

On my first play through I went through the subway tunnels with a hunting rifle i found on a super mutant.  That was a lot of ammo management at first, but when I got comfortable with VATS and when every other super mutant started dropping least 4 rounds, it got boring quick.  On my second play through I had a different approach.  I used mellee weapons.  I was using a tire iron at first.  It took a million hits to kill every thing, and I had to choose whether I should engage stronger enemies.  After some exploring I found a lead pipe.  That lead pipe btw was sick AF.  I could two shot mole rats and I could not engage enemies I could not before.  I was having fun, and I could not put my controller down.



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