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Contrast of Game & Book Publishers (+ Regulation, MO's, ETC)

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Hey everyone, I was just hoping to ask for people's opinions on something that popped into my head. That being, what is the main difference between a game publisher, and a book publisher (assuming there is one)? Obviously, I'm referring more to business practise than anything else, in particular the way that big VGPubs seem to interfere with the devs. I suppose I might be asking the wrong crowd, and tbh I haven't done a whole lot of research on it, but I've never heard of an author whose work was interfered with because of the publisher, albeit I'm sure its possible. Although I guess any interference might not have a negative effect on consumers like AAA games, or at least not one that is noticed. Can a book publisher coerce a writer in creating something they never planned, or changing part of their book because its more marketable? Thanks in advance.



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13 hours ago, yoemeuunito said:

Can a book publisher coerce a writer in creating something they never planned, or changing part of their book because its more marketable?


If the author of a book is told to change something in the book, that's usually a responsibility held by the editor rather than the publisher. Even then, I've never heard of cases where the author was told to change the book's contents to a radical extent - whatever changes appear in a book are generally just minor edits, e.g. for clarification or whatnot. That said, there was a time when female authors had to use code names if they wanted to get published, since publishers only published male authors.

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That's actually a pretty good discussion point.

Like MadFinnish said, the editor is usually the one to suggest changes to a book, and that's normally just for clarity or grammar. A book publisher is solely responsible for the printing and distribution of a title. I've self-published at least one title through CreateSpace, but that's now switching over to Amazon's KIndle Direct Publishing (KDP), so my next title will be through that (coming January 2019!).

With that in mind, I think more game publishers should go back to that model. Let the studio that made the game make the game. The publisher should only be focused on distribution...but of course, there isn't a lot of money in that, especially when they can strong arm the studio into making a product for a broader market.

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