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The rest of Tekken 7 season 2 dlc character announcements.

3 posts in this topic


Aside from the fact that Harada lied by saying that returning characters will not be paid DLCS but free, I got a lot of things to say here.


Well, Marduk STILL doesn't have an Australian accent even though he's Australian. Armor King is pretty much the best thing about this since his moves are now WAY more awesome. And...... why is Julia a completely different character now?? I don't mind because she's become a lot cuter and I like it this way..... but isn't she supposed to be a serious nature lover instead of this.... youtube extreme sports streamer girl?? What happened here??? That's like if all of a sudden Nina suddenly acts like Anna. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Maybe she's just doing that as a cover for her mission, or something. We'll see if there's a plot reason for it.


And that Negan reveal..... wow....... that is the most tryhard thing I have ever seen. Are you telling me that Negan, this regular baseball bat loving psychopath, is tougher than the entire Tekken 7 characters combined who are mostly expert martial artists + demons that was known to be so tough as nails that they can take on huge armies by themselves and can easily whoop him + his entire groups' ass in an instant? This is it. The Walking Dead tv show is slowly crumbling apart.

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I mean... Lili didn't cost anything so I'm fine with this :D

In all seriousness though I don't like how supposedly full priced AAA games are turning into these 'live services' Jim Sterling has talked about because while I have no problem with microtransactions or DLC expansions being used to pay for your game if it is free to play, at 60$ you shouldn't be expected to also purchase additional content or characters for real money -- especially in a fighting game where, at least for as long as I can remember, you unlocked that shit in-game with fight money.

Costumes, Characters, Stages, all of it for free if you just put in the time and effort to unlock it and now I'm just looking at all this season pass shit and going...

...And don't anybody give me any of that "But if they got rid of the DLC or microtransactions they'd have to raise the price past the 60$ mark..." nonsense because it's been established that games only cost as much to develop as devs or their publishers want them to so if they can't make a profit selling it for 60$ or less then that's on them, not us gamers.

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